Windy & Warm (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 2)


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Part 2 of the tutorial on probably the most important fingerstyle song for all of us: this is the song that Tommy heard Chet Atkins play through a radio in 1967, and set him on a path towards an acoustic fingerstyle career.

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Guitar used:
Mayson MS7/S, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
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0:00 Introduction Part 2
0:47 Verse 3
1:28 Bridge 2 (Building up the main melody)
6:04 Bridge 2 (Copying the melody to the C chord)
8:14 Bridge 2 (Adding the F-chord and ending)
11:20 Bridge 2 (Putting it all together)
11:47 Verse 4
13:00 Bridge 3 (A chord barre tricks)
18:38 Bridge 3 (Middle chord section)
24:30 Bridge 3 (Diminished run aka the flashy bit)
28:08 Bridge 3 (Putting it together)
28:47 Verse 5 (to ending)



Perry Thomas MUSIC says:

Tim, hi…I did some agent work for Stephen Bennett, Muriel Anderson and a few shows for Richard Smith, so I have been around a lot of great guitarists. I have been playing for a long time and I learned this song when I was about 18, HOWEVER I learned a few moves watching your lesson, so thanks very much. Everyone plays this tune differently it seems, especially Tommy. You never know what that guy's going to do. I only met Tommy once, but I watch him a lot, especially if I want to feel like crap and feel like using my guitars for wood for the fireplace, lol. Thanks again, you are an excellent player.

SileLence says:

This is a really great chanell, glad to found this one. Thank you a lot for your work!

Likar Ringu says:

Good lesson but very tough to understand

Logan says:

I've been going back to this tutorial for months now and I almost have this song down.. id never get this far in a song like this without something this in depth. this novice can't thank you enough

Zach says:

Wow, I just sliced through my callus on my pinky practicing that slide on the G7, no blood but it definitely hit fresh skin and hurts a little. Thanks again Tim.

Radovan Uhler says:

9:00 little buzzing on B string… Iv got the same probleme once the string is played with harder attack

Mantorok says:

I'm really struggling with that pinky slide.

dominicmonks says:

thanks a lot man. you spread love and music.

dieselman 74 says:

You are definitely the best on tommys music u are top notch I’m glad you met Tommy u deserved it bro ur a legend 👍👍cheers from Ireland

dieselman 74 says:

I loved your video with Tommy you done excellent fair play bro you are now a star and an amazing player cheers from Ireland 🇮🇪

Tids says:

This is a great tutorial, esp learning without a capo (learn the true notes and chords then capo up to fit the key you want). But for those wanting to play Tommy along with this tutorial just download a Chrome extension called Transpose, and set the transpose slider to +2. Many thanks Tim for your great tutorials

Vince Floriani, Jr. says:

You are so patient! Thanks! great lesson!!!!

Stan Lees says:

Great lesson Tim. You're easy to understand, without coming over as pedantic. One small issue I have: you might want to unchoke the three bass strings just a tad? Sometimes I find it hard to pick out the boom under the chick! 😆 But all in all, a great breakdown!
ps. (I'm 75, so maybe I'm a little hard of hearing?) 😉

im annonymous says:

I cant believe it, but i made it! Youre amazing, thank you

Martin Janča says:

Díky 👏👏👏 🥂

tamas varga says:

that bridge 3… ouch

Thomas Andresen says:

Brilliant lesson – as always. Thank you, good sir. Your channel deserves millions of subscribers.

ss*ss says:

It took me two weeks to learn the song note by note, now I can barely paly it with tons of mistakes. It takes courage to learn something challenging like this when life and work keep me so busy, but glad I decided to do it and this will be the best investment of time of my life.

zawhtat aung says:

ur teaching patience is unbelievable 🙂

Cam975 says:

Thanks for this great tutorial Tim…I've uploaded my attempt at it today – played around with the first bridge a little 🤓

Arif Turgan says:

It is so special for us … noone would bother for whole song..thanks

Glenn Jeffries says:

Big thank you – the work you put into these tutorials is astounding.

Churamani Guragai says:

Thanks lots for great tutorial.

GulfSouthGene says:

Flat-Picking, all these years, and trying finger-picking is a challenge for me at age 79, but I am determined! Dam-ole-thumb! Old-fingers 6-guitars/10-fingers and slow learning /practice times!

John Stephenson says:

Great Tim..!..Can you advise on what strings you are using please..

colin hickman says:

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into compiling this video. I've watched Tommy's insructional videos but he never goes into the details in slow mo so I can never pick it up with my limited guitar and ear skills🙄. I've only been practising the guitar for 60 years so cant expect too much too soon🤣😂. Many thanks again👍

Leon Scherphof says:

you're a legend mate, thanks!

Gordon Reid says:

Perfect tutorial as usual well done you are the best👍

Stephan Beutlhauser says:

Heard this song yesterday for the fist time. Immediately decided to learn that tune. So I'm very glad that I have found this great tutorial. The perfect way to approach to the different phrases. Thank you very much for the step-by-step instruction and for the different variations.

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