Windy & Warm – Chet Atkins/Tommy Emmanuel (With Tab) | Watch and Learn Travis Picking Guitar Lesson

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Here’s a really fun to play version of Windy and Warm that I worked out from Tommy Emmanuel’s ‘Up Close’ DVD that was originally arranged by Chet Atkins. I’ve had many requests for this tune so am glad to finally get round to recording it!

Have fun and best of luck with this one 🙂

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G Man says:

Great playing but this is not Travis picking. It’s more Chet Atkins style picking. Merle Travis picking is different than this and all the folk style playing that people mistakenly call Travis picking.

guigtargh says:

You make the world a better place, is one way of saying what you do…..thank you for all the lessons 🙂

Minh Hoang says:

Beautifully done! Absolute excitement whenever I see your new videos

Glenn Davis says:

Helpful just watching. Thank you.

Phil Andrews says:

Great 👍🏼 stuff Camilo 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

Naits says:

Thx for this video. Been meaning to learn this tune for very long. This will make things much easier 😀

00797jerry says:

yes Camilo! Finally a song on an acoustic again! I love it.

Dante says:

Great!!! Thank you Camilo!!

Mark F. says:

Thank you! Love this tune

Krish Gandhi says:

You are the best 😭 I don't know how many songs I've learned from your channel. Thank you..

sreyam chatterjee says:

Beautifully played ❤️❤️ what guitar is this?

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