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DIFFICULTY LEVEL 4: This is not the first time I have done this video on my channel, but whereas the previous version was in the rather low key of G this one is in the higher key of A. This does make it much easier to sing and really lifts the song up, but also adds some harder chords including the Bm and F#m so do have a bit of a look at those. Hope everyone enjoys learning this lovely Christmas tune.

As ever you can use the Dropbox link to find the music to help you. You can find the sheet music for every song on my channel, organised by difficulty level: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/twycnxhq8cy7vnf/AADBTK2Y6_-coNVdE_DJORXRa?dl=0

If you are searching for a music video or new songs to sing, looking for ukulele tutorials or even looking for a karaoke track to enjoy I hope you like the music and songs on my channel. Whether you’re a fan of Queen or Bruno Mars you’ll find a big range of songs in my playlists. Mr B’s Ukulele Channel has a range of ukulele songs, ukulele lessons, ukulele covers, ukulele chord tutorials and ukulele playalongs, so you can find the ukulele video you are looking for. I hope you enjoy browsing my channel and please don’t forget to subscribe to help the channel grow. #ukulele #ukulelelesson #ukulelesongs #ukulelesingalong #music #musicvideo


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