Waltzing Matilda – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson – Six String Fingerpicking

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Here’s how to play a fun fingerstyle arrangement of Waltzing Matilda. Hope you enjoy!
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0:00 – Demo
0:43 – Welcome
0:59 – Tuning & Capo
1:14 – Intro Lesson
1:53 – Verse lesson (Part 1)
6:18 – Verse Lesson (Part 2)
8:53 – Chorus Lesson
13:36 – Final Play Through
14:53 – Double Time
15:35 – Outro

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So be It says:

Thanks Chris . Had this one on my “to do” list for years . Great one to play around and improvise with .

Manuel Mota says:

Best guitar YouTube Channel in my opinion

HL says:

Can you do It Might be you..😁

jay abuyuan says:

Chris can I request a song? I cant find “if i keep my heart out of sight” by james taylor. Its one of my favorite songs and I would love to be taught by you. Please please please

Ted McComb says:

Beautiful! Playing this well is the destination. Enjoying the journey is the goal. Your excellent lessons help with both. Thank you.

brian kenome says:

Got the first part nailed down..thanks alot man

Joshua Saechao says:

Been watching you from when you first started and I appreciate all of your videos! Thanks you much❤️

D Light of Journey says:

Wow big fan of you bro 👍❤️, and Thank you for helpfull video

El canal de Reyes Manuel says:


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