Walking Bass Lesson – Beginner #1 – with Scott Devine (L#61)


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Walking bass is something SOOO many bass players have difficulty with. But – It’s really a lot easier than you think.

Through years of teaching and experimenting with different methods I’ve come up with my own ‘fool proof’ method of getting students well on their way to becoming great at creating their own walking bass lines.

In this walking bass lesson I show you how I actually teach my own personal students using this method and why they seem to be able to start creating there own walking bass lines much faster than most other students. That’s why this lesson is great not only for student bassists but also bass teachers too. Try using this method with your students and you’ll get amazing results – fast.

This is ‘Part 1’ of this lesson… look out for part 2!!!


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Ivana Horvat says:

If only I knew what third and fifth are…

J.C — says:

Thank you so much for this, you have no idea how much this means for me. Bass lessons where i live are 200 dollars for like 10 lessons that are only 20 minutes long.. I have no money for it and this makes me so happy that i am able to learn to play my favourite instrument

Can you please help me subscribing my channel says:

Sir Scott i really want to play bass since my childhood but I can't afford one, since you have a ton of bass will you bless me 1 of your cheapest 1 please 🙏🙏🙏…

Victor Mguni says:

Im watching this in 2022

Josh Jamelo says:

Scott is the best out there! Keeping it simple and straight to the contents

JYrahoJ says:

Who watching in 2022?

Noah G says:

I've been playing bass since before this video, but I'm still checking this out in 2022 lol

steve phillips says:

way too much talk

JT CopaCobana says:

Scott is like a big brother that is teaching you bass.

TheAstronomer says:

Can't see and follow the notes on the left hand 🙁

Frank Crounse says:

Anyone know the fingering for the 2-note (?) chords he is playing? (Dm, G7, Cmaj7) in the beginning of the video?

Dan Katz says:

The voice over is too loud, can't here the bass most of time

Jambar Returns says:

You are the man Scott. Thank you for correcting many of my faults after 55 years (on and off) of playing the Bass.

Voor Naam says:

I tried, and now I play one rude note in every bar. Is that why those big bands always have at least four sax, trumpet and trombone players? One is playing the rude note in the chords aren't they? 😚

UZDE Frédéric says:

Thank you very much for this lesson Scott 🙂

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