Valseana, Assad | Grade 8 Guitar – Gary Ryan

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This beautiful piece performed by Gary Ryan, features in the ABRSM Guitar syllabus from 2019 at Grade 8.

Gary, one of the world’s leading guitarists, says that he has always loved this piece, citing the rich harmony and 3 part texture. You can find out more about our Guitar syllabus at


Andrei White says:

This seems too easy to be grade 8

chicken balls tv says:

His names Assad 😮

pabslondon says:

I'd love to do a Grade 8 exam but I can't read

耨里思耶律 says:


MrLBDude says:

The version of this that I am familiar with is by Thu Le. I would like to point out some differences that I hear, without trying to say that one is subjectively "better". Thu Le sounds more emotionally driven, employing space and emphasis more spontaneously. While hearing Gary Ryan I recognize the precise rhythm, more mathematically. This is not meant to be an insult by any means. Sometimes I tire quickly of liberal interpretations of disciplined pieces, however I do adore her playing. The performance of Thu Le that I am referring is found here, at 7:59

The Bard Of Your Life says:

i can play pieces like vill lobos etude 1 and 2,malaguena,soleares,caprice 24,half of gran vals,segments of canon in d.
what grade are these,
i am self taught i don't know anything

The Bard Of Your Life says:

is there a grade 9,grade 8 is advanced

jaco de vries says:

Beautifullly played, Gary!

Kang Le Yeo says:

George Clooney?

raymondleemeadows says:

Tone translates so well through digital upload and small mac laptop speakers. Thankyou for your performance.

BDS jAZZ says: your performance of this beautiful piece Thank you !

Joseph Behrmann says:

Lovely, thank you. Is that a Stephen Hill guitar you are playing?


Great tune👍

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