Using Simple Shapes to Create Bass Lines – Lesson with Scott Devine (L#70)


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In this bass lesson I demonstrate why you should use geometric shapes as a way to learn the bass fingerboard and what options you have available.


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Actual Tree says:

This was the singular video that took my bass playing to the next level. I can’t thank you enough man.

wiseman sibusiso says:

Hi Scotty, how do i get the backing track for this lesson?

Reno D says:

This is exacltly what I've been doing for 30+yrs on the guitar. I'm a tenor sax player and also first shot reader BUT I was never able to read chords (only monophonic partitions) so instead of trying to learn all the chords and the harmony (which would have been a lot useful but would have taken me too much time to master) I memorized "shapes" on my neck and always played by ear, most of the time without even knowing in which tonality the band was playing. Kinda weird in fact…. Now I really want to learn the bass more seriously and hope I will be able to understand harmony and all the scales a little better…

Kai Joe says:

I was always embarrassed when I told other formally trained musicians I only played by shapes.
Self taught via Mel Bay books…I am old. Still pretty bad at reading notes, but I could always see the shapes Scott shared in this video. Cool video.

NikkieRoxxx says:

my word, yes, very helpful…. however I have to find something to get my bass guitar beter set up, or I am thinking trying shortscale to accomodate my small stature and joints… 😉 but I am visual, and that really speaks to me!!

Alex Knox Art says:

Awesome lesson. Thank you!

Andy Valentine says:

This is an amazing video.Thank you so much.

Stephen Midgley says:

Carpenter delight in geometry, this is brilliant first time I sounded like I can play something.

Jiyeong Bong says:

Thanks for this precious gem!

EddieHitler7 says:

so simple, yet so helpful

Music Student B says:

you are a great teacher

Carmelo Fernández says:

You are an angel!!!!!

Rico Nadjar says:

More shapes in other keys for chord progressions please. Thanks

Robert Judy says:

Scott, great video for a beginner like me. Thank you. One question, is there a download of the backing track available?

Gilford Moore says:

What a great lesson! You can do so much with the pentatonic scale!

Carmelo Fernández says:

Thanks God for you exist!!!!

nick antonio says:

Hey Scott, what bass is that

Rick Troiani says:

Best ever! Brilliant!

Channa the Musician says:

New the in bass thing I’m a guitarist so thanks

ldoubleg2006 says:

Can you make a vid of tejano music

Dyl Daddy says:

James McAvoy's clone

Steve Achelis says:

This will probably get lost in the 664+ comments, but it looks to me (a beginner) that shapes 2 and 3 are the same (i.e., they have the same notes, R-4-5-b7, just starting with the root on a different string/fret) whereas shape 1 has different notes (i.e., R-3b-4-7b). For my noggin, it's much easier to remember these as two shapes rather than three and know where the root is within the shape. Also, I'm curious why you'd use one of the two shapes over the other.

TigVI says:

Great lesson! Gives me some nice fluid lines. Sounds good and shapes help a lot.

Matt Maszczak says:

I’ve been playing for YEARS and never could have explained this so simply. Awesome work man!

mnm dib says:

Great Sir.👍👍👍

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