Triad Pairs For Blues Guitar – Larry Carlton Style

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John Mac says:

Great idea Levi, thanks, but I'm finding it difficult to fit into a blues. There's not much time before the next chord change, 4 bars at the most. Have you done a video of applying this idea to a 12 bar blues?

Guitar Lots says:

Very useful stuff

herve rilos says:

Where IS Guitar tab for this lesson ? What a Pitt lll

herve rilos says:

Where IS Guitar for this lesson?

YoungGrasshopper says:

You learned your skills from the Illuminati huh

mrrichardmedel says:

Nice video on Triad Pairs over blues. Rich

JiMMY!! says:

So good
Love the lesson

HJH says:

Every time you go down a tone all I hear is this:


steve white says:

Love your ideas and teaching. True gift!!!

Dominic Airola says:

Definitely something I should use more. Awesome!

Shredwizard says:

I wanna see Levi analyze SWYBRYD picking ala Marshall Harrison. Or maybe even analyzing Troy Grady analysis videos. Applying his notation and transcription skills to some of these modern monsters

Timothy says:

I love this lesson, I am working on my fretboard knowledge really hard these days. I need to find a lesson on knowing which Pentatonic pattern to play over each chord form. I'm not sure if Levi has covered this in a lesson. I'm not sure, but I believe its got something to do with where the root note is within the pentatonic pattern I play.Does this even make any sense? I would say, I want to learn to solo within a zone for say the I IV V progression without skipping aroung to all my pent shapes . Its starting to come into view but still foggy. Anyway, cant get enough of Levi Clay.

glguitarman says:

I quite liked your first video about triads. I'm referring to the one that you show how they are great at outlining chords. You also demonstrate your tendency to include the movement of a half step between the minor and major third resolving to the tonic. The sort of country cliche riff is nice in that as well. You really emphasized that musical phrasing with the triad works very well, as opposed to "meandering" in scalar fashion. However, I think with this one you've kind of left that. Case in point, your choice of the triad pair of A major and G major against an A7 harmony; I think this pair does not work well (IMHO) due to the D in the G major triad. This is kind of telling in one of the comments, (that I could certainly be misinterpreting), "……little to no resolution." Anyway, just an observation, I do enjoy your videos especially the live transcriptions.

Playing Pedals says:

Nice…I know what I'll be trying out this evening!

Big T’ s Shack festival says:

I Like how y have been using the tele so often. I know u always have one around but great to see it so much !!!! F Dog Crapman u owned that d bag

davetbassbos says:

My band used to host a blues jam, so we'd have to make sure each group stuck to 3 tunes so the next group could get up. We'd always loose track, the Stevie Rays all kind of blurred together, lol. but no one ever took this approach, pretty interesting! The blues can be way more versatile than a lot of people think

Boucher Luc says:

Amazing! been practicing triads from your country books as thirds and sixth progressions but I'm sounding country… more of a blues player though try to add a sweet major sounding to it 😉 so this was really helpful!

Johnny Gault says:

Great follow up man
Very useful
Was jamming a load of lydian stuff over the first lesson
Hours of little to no resolution
Great fun
glad to see you in the studio

Kelly Carr says:

I love this it reminds me of don mock a little. but it is different thanks

Axe of Creation says:

Quality as always Levi! This is a topic I've been enjoying and delving into.

Marty Mad Scientist says:

I really gotta spend some time on this and get some vamp back

DBMX J says:

yo, that tele is mint

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