Tommy Emmanuel's TrueFire Channel – Up Close & Personal

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Tommy Emmanuel has a Truefire Channel called “Up Close & Personal.” In this channel he shows you how to play his songs, shares his knowledge of performing, tips on gear, and advice for life on the road. There’s over 200 videos from Tommy! He also has multiple courses available on Subscribe to his TrueFire Channel or check out Tommy’s courses here:

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dakotahstr says:

Can't find the up close and personal 😪

Dwight Donaghue says:

If there’s such a thing as reincarnation, when I die, I want to come back as your son, so you can teach me everything you know about playing guitar.

Anderson Moreira says:

Não faço ideia oque você disse mais vai o like do mesmo jeito.

BluesInSeattle says:

I went on true fire and didn't see the "up close and personal" listed as a product. 🤷

DC808 says:

It's fantastic you did this!

Berny Finol says:

Tommy Emmanuel CGP! Love you man! long life

Pat Mangan says:

Hi Tommy I can remember seeing you and Gold rush at the Vicar of Wakefield at Dural. So glad to see you are still making great music

Максим Дуплей Quadd4rv1n7 🌌🚀 says:

Hello Tommy, thx you very much )))
Beatefule tutorial and advice

Joe Pregiato says:

Saw you in Tarrytown a few days ago. My girlfriend had never seen you before. She’s now in love with you!!!


Thank you for all you have done for music, Tommy. We appreciate you so much.

Leif Berglund says:


José Duarte says:

Guitar Monster 🤟

My Story says:

You must see alip ba ta mr.tomy


Best wishes from Shrewsbury Shropshire Phil 👍🎸🎸

Дмитро Оношко says:

It may be too high a rating for you, but for me you are a guitar god!

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