Tommy Emmanuel – Up Close & Personal On TrueFire

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Tommy Emmanuel has a Truefire Channel called “Up Close & Personal.” In this channel he shows you how to play his songs, shares his knowledge of performing, tips on gear, and advice for life on the road. He also has multiple courses available on Subscribe to his TrueFire Channel here:

[Official Web Site]



Your guitar finger is too great! I like it. Your style is very artist I immediately love. Subscribe to your channel and watch lots of video clips performed by you. Wish you good health, peace and happiness. NGOC CUONG PHU

Gareth Pearson says:

"Get to work!" – Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P

Victor Lumbrera says:

Saludos desde México Tommy,eres un grande de la guirarra!!!

Victor Leung says:

The greatest.

Tommy willzon says:

Nice. I love to watch you and am going to continue

Marvin Becker says:

This is amazing!!

Roger Giri says:

Tommy: I’ve been Playing for a few years now.
Guitar: Yeah ! He’s not kidding.

BinG Nick says:

tommy, will you be back in China sometime in the future? we chinese fans hope to see your masterpieces all the time!

Fino Goge says:

my Master my inspiration

sprwil says:

Thank you Tommy👍

Галина Сердолик says:

Thank you for your music, for your brilliant, beautiful game !!! Thank , Tommy !!!

richard Lavetti says:

Sei sempre nel mio cuore

Mariya Kurkina says:

This is good news, definitely. "…a few years now”" 😂 You are a very humble guitar player with a lot of experience. I like to play the guitar and your songs motivate me to continue learning. Greetings from Kazakhstan ^^

Андрей says:

Boa saude, Tommy!

Ondi Alvander official says:

Kakek yang luar biasa,
panjang umur ya kek
biar suatu saat nanti kita bertemu
God bless you Tommy Emmanuel

Hello People says:

Me me me I want to work!! 🙋‍♂️

brpbrpbrpbrp says:

Why Truefire, Tommy, and not YouTube?

Texas Blues says:

You are the greatest Tommy!!

Ian G says:

Tommy. Ever thought about going on the Joe Rogan podcast?

realcygnus says:

"World Class !"

superguy smiley says:

Looking ur age buddy. Still, love the 🎶 🎵

Николай Антонов says:

Хорошо,но мало

Jeff Murphy says:

Is truefire any good people?

LightBlue says:

Tommy's the man!

Toa Ma says:

Aloha Tommy, hope you’re doing well my friend. Pls continue to stay safe and healthy🤙🏾

Anything Channel says:

Horas boh..

Aaron Short Music says:

Love this. Thank you Tommy!!

Sabee sunwaR says:

Playing guitars for few years now…. I am not born yet then…. 😁😁😁😁

Adam Abraham says:

no no you've been playing guitar for more than a few years now ur a legend

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