Tommy Emmanuel on Creativity #shorts

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Kristy-Lou87 says:

this MAN AND HIS brother Phil…. were what got me and our 3 brothers obsessed with learning and competing with each other… til we all got REALLY good. We binged our one vhs we had EVERYDAY AS soon as chool knoked off… … and maaan i cant recvined this enough WATCH YOUR IDOLS) WE all learned EVERYTHING we could… 1 brother can play exactly like him EVERY SONG … but that bro had a lot of his instrumental albums too. On every song. Je hearsnit ince ir twice and bang. He can play it!! Nathan Cavalirie was another amazing guitarst too – and he was a kid still.

grant stewart says:

I saw Tommy play at the Regal Theatre in Western Australia what seems like over 40 years ago. He played two Beatles songs at the same time. It was extraordinary.

Sam Gould says:

Love Tommy and love American Pie

Studebaker Hoch says:

That white SG is gorgeous……

Cotiga-David Pompiliu-Viorel says:

I've seen the hole interview, I was waiting for that interview at that time… And tomorow I will see TOMMY EMMANUEL live, in company of MIKE DAWES, in Catania, Italy…!

David Patrick says:

Thank you Tony Enamel

Ryan Johnson says:

Tommy's so great. One of the best!

Hank Ramos says:

T.E. is one of the top ten greatest world renowned guitarists to exist imo

Jim Powers says:

The best in the world

Bebe Catanzaro says:

I like the way he thinks!

DanBgt says:

This guy! He is not only one of the best and most versatile guitar player on the planet, he seems to be a genuinely nice guy. AND!! He has a really cool collection of shirts! 😬

Dan says:

I just love both of these guys. Open, humble and intelligent. Oh yeah; and virtuoso musicians!

acidrockpro says:

Now this is just a clip but one should really watch the full version. It's so good.

acidrockpro says:

It's like, when I watch John Petrucci in interviews. Perfect gentleman as if he has no idea "That's John MF Petrucci! Why is he being so humble?!?!?" Well because if he wasn't, he wouldn't be John MF Petrucci!

I mean I could sit for days listing people I look up too because all these years later, they're still a class act and musicians education is still so important to them!

acidrockpro says:

What amaze me most is this right here. To be such an amazing player and have such an amazing career. You ask him a question, he has zero ego and it's just a player helping another player!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 he a good guy; that's so important to keeping the music alive!

"All the best players are just really good guys!"- Greg Bissonette, from your interview.👏👏👏👏👏

ABalt says:

You’re a beautiful soul, Tommy!

VAXHeadroom says:

Went to a bluegrass jam with my 12 string. They said they were playing a tune in Bb, so I just played bar chords while they pulled out a capo. They really looked down their noses at me 🙂

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