Tommy Emmanuel on Chet Atkins' "Windy and Warm" & The Shadows' "Apache" – Hooked

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These pair of instrumental classics inspired the Aussie picker to become the one-man guitar star he is today.

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Premier Guitar says:

Watch Tommy's Rundown:
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DMSProduktions says:

1 KIWI watched this! LOL!

DMSProduktions says:

Bona fide Aussie legend Tommy! May Phil rock in peace! You 2 were an amazing guitar duo, esp back in the Goldrush era! m/

Martin Spencer says:

Check out Tommy's finger picking lesson on YouTube. He takes you through the processes for this style and it's impossible to improve on his method. A great guitarist and an equally great human being.

paul roche says:

Tommy is my guitar hero, thanks Tommy🙂

john bohlinger says:

Tommy did a tutorial on PG that's killer. Love this guy

Kodiak Wild says:

Nice playing.

David Bullock says:

I remember watching yourself and your brother Phil playing various guises all over Sydney as a lad, and I could not think of two better guitar mentors. Thank you.

Kevin D. says:

Thanks sir for the mentioning of your late brother Phil . Both of you have given me a lot of enjoyment of the guitar and entertainment of it and yourselves as performers who went the extra mile but haven't left stones unturned .

Dave Case says:

The absolute greatest.

Evan Davidson says:

Greatest living guitar player IMO

Whiskey Shred says:

Love ya Tommy! 🇦🇺✌️

Elrondo says:

Tommy Emanuel is on my TOP 3 list of persons i want to meet some day in persona 😊

mjs says:

Tommy is a god among men!!

G says:


Andrea Austoni says:

Phil Emmanuel was a phenomenal guitarist.

Don Gonzulman says:

What a legend

José Benito Martínez Jr. says:

Loved some Tommy Emanuel!! One of the best of all time! Thank you Premier Guitar for showcasing one of the greatest!!

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