Toby Lee Live at Summer NAMM 2019

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Blues guitar prodigy Toby Lee stopped by the Gibson booth at Summer NAMM 2019 to give fans an exclusive performance of his blues shredding licks!



Meg Srini says:

Toby is too good!!! 🔥🔥

reese davis says:

The inevitable comparison to Bonamossa

nicky bartlett says:

Great job toby, love to see a young lad playing the blues. don't listen to all the twats giving you negative comments you just keep rocking out.

BlackCountry blues says:

Fantastic Toby, greetings from Wolves, Wolves ay we! 🙂 🎸🔥🎶✌

Jason j says:

The backing track is ridiculous. This was a bit crap.

deka peroli says:

great young guitarist

Thomas Bennett says:

Lost interest after 2 minutes, please learn to phrase, use dynamics, slow down and listen to the music as a journey rather than how good I can sound for as long as possible

Ruben Trevino says:

Never heard of him

Ddude121 says:

Hey man, that was really good! I definitely feel honored to have been able to see you do this live. Just a tip, I think you need some more rests/pauses, and more dynamics. It can be a little overwhelming when there’s so much playing and so fast. Which you did sometimes, but I think some more rests would make your songs a lot more emotional. You’re an awesome player, and I mean, if you’re already this good at 14 I can’t even imagine how good you’ll be when you’re like Joe Bonamassa’s age. I was the dude in the Songbirds shirt, by the way, if you remember me.

Wiktor Andersson says:

Very nice exept those smaaal srv stuff licks

Daniel Nickas says:

Sounds fantastic, but blues is about soul. Not a backing track. He is really really good.

Nat Z says:

Great playing Toby!

Kowboy USA says:

Nice work, kid.

tdunlopmusic says:

14 year old blues player..not much soul when the band is a computer….

jonanles says:

I would like to see him with a band, learning to interact with other musicians

Сергей Фомин says:

nice for 14 years old, but a little bit dirty to my ears! he should play more simple i think

Tomas M says:

Toby sounded great…

Greg Roberge says:

I like how there is already a dislike smh

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