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Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online School reveals secrets, tips, and tricks for mastering the Art of Flamenco guitar, through the set of very comprehensive video tutorials about Harmony, Techniques, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Styles, and Nails. Also, there is a special software feature, called The Flamenco Multi-Track Loop Player, which enables you to effectively learn Flamenco Rhythm (Compás) and start feeling it like the Gypsies (without counting). You can also play along with the highest quality Flamenco Percussion Samples of Cajón, Palmas, and all other most used percussion instruments in Flamenco…
Also, considering the fact that almost all “guitarristas” have serious issues with their nails, there is a full chapter of video tutorials that will teach you how to properly form and maintain your nails – in order to achieve that rich tone and properly play the true Spanish Guitar technique. This is probably the most comprehensive and methodical learning tool for mastering the Art of Flamenco Guitar, starting from the complete newbie level up to the Master Class…
Flamenco Guitar Lessons Online School introduces a method that will enable you to play Flamenco in a short period of time.
All the video tutorials are in Full HD resolution. Besides the accompanying PDF Book, the most important aspect of the website is the Flamenco Multi-Track Loop Player software with its Flamenco Percussion Samples Database. It will help you get the clearest picture of the compás. But you can also use any of the samples from the Sample Sets Library to practice with the highest quality and “organic” samples of cajón, palmas, shaker, djembe, congas, bongos, maracas, or any arrangement you yourself can create and mix in… All samples are coming from real flamenco music. Most of the flamenco samples were initially published in well-known songs, and/or produced in different HI Q studios in Spain during the last 3 decades. After that, the samples were edited and then post-produced. In every player, every beat in every group of beats is marked, so you can easily see exactly where is which hitpoint – on each individual beat – within each individual measure. Because of the visual insight into the relationship between the playing cursor and hitpoints – you will very rapidly develop an inner feeling for the flamenco rhythm – COMPÁS…


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