Those Who Wait (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)

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A breathtaking ballad, as written and played by the master himself. Some huge chord voicings are on display here, but luckily there a few alternatives that are easier to get your fingers around! Dive in!

Tab/notation file:

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Guitar used:
Martin J-40, Drop D tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on

0:00 Introduction
2:56 Pointers
3:25 Intro
13:15 Intro (Easier version)
18:33 Verse 1 (Basic melody)
29:26 Verse 2 (Adding variations)



angus chisholm says:

I am so glad I have found this video! I have been struggling with the intro for months, determined not to be defeated by the ‘big hand’ issue and waiting with the rest of the song until I have cracked it! What I don’t understand though, is why all of the tabs I have found have a drop D tuning when the only recorded version I have found is in C🤔

Jesse Warfield says:

Tim says "you'll need massive hands to play some of these chords"

All of us looking down in shame at our tiny hands 🤣

yiftach says:

This is such a good video. You are a wonderful player and teacher. Subbed and patrioned.

TheStratplayer76 says:

Thanks for the lesson 🙏👍🏻

Sebastian Alarcon says:

where can I find part II?

Sebastian Alarcon says:

I wish I could've seen my expression when he said "don't worry, I'm going to show you an alternative" xD. What a legend. Great lesson.

Sam Yang says:

Hi Tim, I started watching your first tutorial on this song 3 months ago thinking my thumbs are too short and I would never be able to do it; 3 months later I am playing this song at camp fire where my friends told me how amazing it sounds! I realized that thumbs or hand size may make this song hard to play, but with practice and patience these hurdles can be overcome!

masQacordes says:

Thanks for the video Tim, you have my thumb Up👍

Art Music says:

Very inspiring

Hervé Castre says:

Thanks for the alternative chords in the intro

Malin perera says:

Another great tutorial..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

AARISH says:

Those who wait is easy as compared to Tommy's other songs. Fuel and endless road are most difficult. What was your toughest song to learn Tim?

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