This matters MORE than playing the "right" notes (5 Guitar Phrasing Exercises)

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This lesson is on 5 guitar phrasing exercises that will help your soloing.
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🎸 FREE Arpeggio Shapes Pack for Targeting Chord Tones when Soloing →
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Question for you…
What’s the difference between a scale and a melody?
The answer is what today’s video lesson is about.
And it’s super important.
Without solid phrasing exercises and strong phrasing abilities our melodies will either sound
a) Disconnected, illogical, meandering
b) Like boring practice drills
In this lesson I go over five guitar phrasing exercises that will help your soloing, improvising, and melody writing.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson on 5 guitar phrasing exercises and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments.
Thanks! 🙂
– Jared

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0:00 – Phrasing example intro
0:10 – About this lesson on guitar phrasing
0:46 – Guitar Phrasing Exercise #1
5:05 – Guitar Phrasing Exercise #2
6:40 – Guitar Phrasing Exercise #3
8:19 – Guitar Phrasing Exercise #4
9:48 – Guitar Phrasing Exercise #5
12:30 – Free chord tone arpeggio pack download
13:06 – Outro

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Sound Guitar Lessons with Jared says:

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Saif Hossain says:

Thank you for saving my dying guitar interest

Happy Rhino says:

Last time i had a bonus tip was in Thailand in 1991…

7kTrax Beats says:

Thanks bro came in clutch for melodies for my beats this concept is applicable everywhere

Marc Ritorto says:

nice video jared its been since i have been on your channel goos stuff this is what i was looking for. be happy to have you on my channel again if you want for another interview if you have something new to share

Mike Tsai says:

Great, that's what I want to learn most about improvisation!Thank you very much!!

Sonia Tiwari says:

How can i use phrasing across the whole neck?

Sonia Tiwari says:

That octave idea was dope

simon yin says:

awesome lesson. I have been struggling with phrasing for a long time and just playing around with these restrictions has helped me to be a lot happier with my sound. I will practice this until i can do it from intuition.

Arumoy Dutta says:

What will i do when there's 4 different chords in 4 different bars? Obviously playing A A in first two chords/bars wont sound good as chord change in second bar.

Mike Tang says:

Great 🎶🎸 lesson. 👍🙏

Stuart Arnold says:

I got back to this video after watching the tip video about phrasing. The proverbial light bulb moment happened, I really am feeling good about it. Thanks Jared.

zagłoba says:

is ok ! but too much talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ely says:

You are truly a gifted teacher. Thank you for this. You have opened the fretboard for me after 2o years. 😀

karasu-lofimusic says:

Thank you may brother soo much helpful appreciated❤️

jpsi / says:

Good lesson. Talk less.

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