The Truth About Online Guitar Lessons

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Rob Wolfe says:

Guitar lessons with an instructor provides some accountability for those of us who aren't super disciplined (90% of us). Learning guitar from YouTube can be done, but it's like trying to drink from a fire hose for many of us.

juno max zoey says:

Justine Guitar is free but high quality

Mike Groisman says:

It's good to give free lessons, but you can't give all your knowledge for free.
I also give some free online lessons but
If someone wants to learn something new and advanced then he need to pay for it.

Brian Finn says:

"No path A to Z." – I completely disagree. If you go to Justin Sandercoe's channel, you can get anywhere you want to go from a raw beginner to a gigging professional. All for free.

Karthain says:

“Number one, you get what you pay for.“ Well how about this quote? “The best things in life are free.“ LOL it is a big red flag when the video starts with a platitude.

ElDuderino502 says:

What do you think of Musician's Institute online?

Rhett Jet says:

Whats the best 1 man band gear setup for beginners??

MDofKK says:

The thing about a live lesson (which is likely not free) is that you get feedback to support your growth. No premade video can do that for you.

Mark says:

Enter Justin Guitar's website. Find fault with that.

corm1000 says:

Vinny More is an awesome guitarist, I have seen him with UFO. Why did you make him look lame?

Shiny Flakes says:

Doesn’t get any more cringe than this dude

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