The Tommy Emmanuel Interview


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Over the last 2 years, one of the questions that popped up the most in the comments was: “What does Tommy think about what you are doing?”. Well, I recently had the chance to sit down with the legend himself, and fire some questions at him. A dream come true…

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0:00 Introduction
2:22 Interview
3:44 Jumbo frets or not?
5:25 Fingerstyle Guitar Setup
14:27 Maintaining a relaxed feeling
20:10 Practice
23:00 Beating depression
24:54 Inspiring a new generation
31:36 Can Tommy pick out my “alternative” section?
36:18 It’s Never Too Late (Duet)


The Humanity says:

Whats the song at 19:18?

toon w says:

enjoy thsi so muchI m your fan Tim and Uncle Tommy by the way I bough your guitar tab from music note 2-3 song I learn from you so much ^ ^

andrea peroni says:

Super, congratulation, fantastic atmosphere…

Salis Agustina says:

Next reaction @alip_ba_ta

Jim Fair says:

Unbelievable interview Tim! One of the best interviews of a great musician that I've ever seen. It actually felt like you had interviewed him in the past and your were catching up with a friend. When you both played at the end you can just feel that Tommy was enjoying playing with you – that says it all! This was all so genuine and from your heart (just like all your tutorials). Thank you so much.

kevinvanhove says:

Dat duet dat je mocht spelen met hem op het einde moet geweldig gevoeld hebben voor jou!

kevinvanhove says:

6:25 God he's so good, just instantly jumps into that with no effort

Achchha 1900 says:

Can anyone tell the name of the song on 19:11 .

Daniela Bata Bogdanov says:

" leave your money on the refrigirator"… what that about hahah

Daniela Bata Bogdanov says:

Thanks for asking that question about how Tommy was doing. It also seemed that asking that made you losen up and made the interview so much better.

Jacob Porter says:

I love you both!! Best interview ❤️

Flávio do Deus vivo IEP says:

I would like to have a guitar like that I admire this work Brazil

rachele fogu says:

Great interview. Thank you a lot 🤗🎸

JHK says:

Can you tell how low was the action exactly?

Ramona Hall says:

Such an awesome interview.

Phil says:

What's the name of the song he plays at 19:11 ?

dmoy2909 says:

Hade lur mantap penjelasana

Caleb's crazy amazing life says:

I’m 15 years old and tommy is the reason I play finger style I first heard tommy last year on YouTube and I was Blown away I was just barely able to Play guitar but I wanted it to play like that anyway.

Dan Lalonde says:

Great documentary . I am presently attempting to purchase a Maton EBG 808TE in Canada . Only one dealer in this country . They are not responding to my email. I am 74 and been playing since i was 17 . I just want that Maton acoustic sound . Not trying to compete or copy anyone else . Nice to hear of Tommy's life experience and knowledge.

Shakey Pitt says:

The great thing about interviewng Tommy is, you just wind him up and let him go….

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