The Tommy Emmanuel Interview | World’s Greatest Acoustic Guitarist

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In this episode I interview world famous acoustic guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. At the age of six, he was touring Australia with his family band. By 30, he was a rock lead guitarists playing stadiums. At 44, he become one of five people ever named a Certified Guitar Player (CGP) by his idol, music icon Chet Atkins. Influenced by, the Merle Travis/Chet Atkins fingerstyle of guitar picking, Tommy developed a style of solo guitar playing that encompasses the range of a whole band – covering drums, bass, rhythm, lead guitar and vocal melody simultaneously.

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Daniel Verberne says:

As far as I recall, Tommy neither reads sheet music nor is he necessarily able to recite some of the underlying theory going on – again, as far as I recall. BUT, big BUT here – his ear is freaking amazing. His instinct, musically for finding the musical statement he wants to make, man, the guy seems ridiculously free in his ability to make the guitar sound like what he's hearing.

Daniel Verberne says:

Anyone here familiar with Tommy's fingerstyle piece, 'Amy'? It's one of my favourites and reasonably accessible for an established player. However, it's the sheer smoothness and fluidity of his playing, especially the harmonic, arpeggio 'harp-like' sound that I find stunning.

Capsaicin says:

Masterpiece? No. Guitar percussion sucks. I may be the only one on earth that loathes it.

Austen Robinson says:

Tommy is the greatest living guitar player

Ken Johnson says:

Without a doubt the best interview I have ever seen on YouTube across all subjects. All of these pearls of wisdom can’t be gathered in one place very often. Thank you Rick and Tommy. I thoroughly enjoy watching over and over

Amboy Mahar says:

This guy could play the guitar while sleeping and still be better than I will ever be

Peter Putnam says:

Wow, at around 3/4 through and I just had to comment: RICK…!! You must have just LOVED this interview cuz the guy just played and played and played… probably the most musical interview I've ever heard anywhere, such heart and feel he just exudes those qualities, he's far more special in the musical world than I think even he realizes. Love…..

Slim Shady says:

Made me cry… Exactly as Lester & Chester did first time I heard "Somewhere Over The Rain Bow", "It's Been A long Time" on and on and on…

Rod Mcdonough says:

Rick…this interview is amazing. He REALLY opened up for you 100%, gave everything he could, and didn't want it to stop. Between your presence and intuition next to Emmanuel from the Heavens, I bet you were higher than the Red Bull balloon guy and couldn't sleep after this. How DO you keep your feet on planet Earth anyway? A cherished session for sure and my favorite interview of all time. Thank you for doing this so well!

Daniels Manfelds says:

You guys should do more videos together, you have a good vibe together 👍

fred kight says:

I want a shirt like he is wearing!

sing sang says:

Unbelievable guitar player ! Tommy rules.

Ace Vent57 says:

I think I am sold on a Gibson hummingbird… but which one?? They make like 5 versions 😶

joerogrz says:

Just saw Tommy and Gareth Pearson perform at The Caverns in Pelham, TN. I wish I had heard of Tommy so much sooner in my life. This style of music appeals to me much more than what I was playing in my younger years.

Mark Hasleton says:

I used to see him and his brother play in Sydney in the 80"'s , an excellent act

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