The Snooker theme: Drag Racer by The Doug Wood Band | Guitar Lesson

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This week I’m taking a look at the old BBC snooker theme tune. Not from the UK and have no idea what snooker is? Not to worry: this is an instrumental guitar classic, and it’s lots of fun to play whether you’re into the snooks or not.

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Hi 00:00
Play-through 00:37
About the track 03:00
Main riff 03:50
Riff 2 06:53
Riff 3 08:48
Riff 4 11:38
Riff 5 12:49
Riff 6 14:45
Gear used in this video 16:38
Bye 17:53

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Sam Lowry says:

Every time I hear this or the Pot Black theme I always think of 'Everyone's doing the Len Ganley Stance' by Half Man Half Biscuit – which will also mean nothing to anyone outside of the UK.

Mark Lewis says:

Stunning! This is truly wonderful

Ian West says:

Wicked. A riff I've always loved and wanted to learn. How about a tutorial of ITV's Weekend World theme from the '70s and '80s? Cheers

a50FTlad says:

Great tune, brilliantly worked out / taught / played.

This is the equal best theme tune I've heard via my subscriptions this week! (along with Fretkillrlives version of 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name')

philip Ellis says:

Oh I have to tell my boring story…in my early days of being on the internet I read that this was based on a Booker T and the MGs tune but I didn’t know which one. I emailed Stax Records who actually got back to me and said they had a way of finding out. I then had an email off Steve Cropper who said that it wasn’t, sounded more like the Allman Brothers to him.
Bet that wouldn’t happen these days! Looking forward to this video immensely, many thanks.

Andrew Pennock says:

OMG! What a tune…😆👍🏼

john see says:

Kinda a good old fashioned R&R song. Great! 🤘

Matt Porter says:

Brilliant. Best guitar lesson ever. And the thumbnail is brilliant too 😎🤟

Les Willox says:

Oh wow! This is something I'm going to have to learn!

tipetu says:

That is one nice les paul. What model is it?

Greg Dixson says:

As an 80s kid, snooker was everywhere. If I can learn this and play it to my dad, my guitar playing will finally be validated 😅

Mars 79 says:

I was playing this just the other week during practice. It just popped in my head and there we go. When snooker was worth watching. Nice one 👍

TCR_JubyJinx says:

Like deployed 👍

Arlo220 says:

i'm american. no clue. zero.

Anne O'Nymous says:

Wow. I just realized it has now been nearly one year since you posted a song that actually interested me. Sorry, mate.

Chrisst says:

Never mind how well it's played etc. It's that Adrian chose it in the first place, What a good idea.

Craig Esson says:

Classic, thanks very much Adrian, how about the grange bill theme tune?

Guitar Player says:

Superb! Can’t wait to learn this as a big snooker fan!

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