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Tommy Emmanuel—the guitar virtuoso, fingerstyle stylist, and generous teacher (of G6 tuning, Elizabeth Cotten’s “Freight Train,” and balladry techniques)—is coming back to Reverb to part with some stellar pieces from his collection and sell autographed signature models for a good cause (Learn more on Reverb: Proceeds from the shop will be donated to Guitars for Vets, which gives instruments to US military veterans to help ease post-traumatic stress disorder.


Rockscure says:

I'd like to buy his hands if I could.

Nature View says:

I would like to have your acoustic guitar. But I don't have the capacity to buy. If you don't mind I would rather have it as a gift from the Hero himself. Thank you

Noël Hoekstra says:

Local music store: … I do sell some guitar strings, twice per week, worth $30,-.
Tommy Emmanuel Reverb Shop: … I do sell guitar stuff, within 12 hours, worth $128700 😁😆

eJacob Cornelius says:

I went on a spending spree picking up many Leo Kottke CDs all at once last month. Tommy's catalog is definitely next. Had the great fortune of doing the lighting for his show during his visit to Corning Museum of Glass. Maybe the nicest artist I've ever worked with.

Davee Bryan says:

See ya Wednesday, then…

Joseph Sayad says:

What’s the song he plays at 5:10?

Roy Michael Smarr says:

Anyone know the name of the tune he plays to demonstrate the Udo amp?

Hussain Rangadi says:


T.E. playing bass 💁♥️

Jimmy Galloway says:

A great man. They say never meet your heroes, but in this case… It was better than imagined. A quality human being

Sean Chun says:

Aloha! My name is Sean from Aixdsp. What is the best way to send you our plug-ins?

Shiv says:

Make a video about Ted Greene❤️❤️

ken morley says:

Our Tom needs a live audience and soon .

Berserker26 says:

I'd love to buy one of those acoustics – it'd be an easy life for that guitar with me after being with Tommy

Joey Serrapede says:

Selling beautiful instruments for a beautiful cause, thank you!!! 🙌🏻❤️✨

the-creech says:

Cleaning out the closets!

Misterrorschach says:

I really want that first one. It doesn’t really sound that good but it’s beautiful. Perfect wall hanger that’s also functional.

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