The Most Important Guitar Exercises You Always Ignore

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In this video, I’ll show you The most important guitar exercises you always ignore. These are stretch and warm up exercises.

These are the best warm up exercises that you can do daily to get your fingers moving and avoid injury. You must play these 5 great exercises for your practice routine before every practice session. I picked these 5 great exercises after teaching more than 20 years and the exercises works great for me and my students. Practice every day to improve your guitar playing. Try to get these daily guitar warm-Up exercises as your routine.

Why you need to warm up because you can get injuries like tentonitis, carpal tunnel and these exercises will make you get better and have an efficient practice session.

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0:00 – The Most Important Guitar Exercises are Warm up and stretch exercices
0:37 – Why you need to warm up
1:27 – Warm up -Stretch Exercise 1
2:21 – Warm up -Stretch 2
3:05 – Warm up -Stretch 3
4:19 – Warm up -Stretch 4
4:47 – Warm up -Stretch 5
5:54 – Outro


Federico Nardini says:

Wow! Was already doing a few similar ones, but you just gave us all a lot more! Thanks! You just got a new subscriber! 😊

Art Designs says:

Тhese exercises are from John Petrucci – Rock Discipline 1996

alemetal99 says:

Exercise number 3 at first is so hard! With some practice it gets better. Anyway I had the chance to try this warm up session for a week and i find it very useful!
Thank you Ozz!

Andrew Hogg says:

Brilliant: thank you!

Michael Craig says:

Wizz of Ozz he seems to know a lot of stuff.. Hey can you post up some ways to improve in sweeps and fast picking? I have tried this several times and each time was not able to improve, dont know exactly why, so I am asking for some help with this with tabs too, ok, thanks. .

TheDoneroll says:

Believe this guy .. it causes my fretting hand (thumb) to be i could not pressed properly ..and there was still little pain ,when doing wide streched chords..😫

dammika says:

I don't know what to say …you are the best teacher i ve ever seen

Wilson kamei says:

Wows that's great👍👍….. Greetings from North East India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Laurent Haid says:

Hi Ozz, I'm a french guitarist and i think to You're just a amazing guitarist player and a great teacher. you win a new subscriber on your fantastic channel !!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge !!! Laurent

Cris says:

The third exercise broken my 4th finger

David Vashum says:

Damn all these excersise looks so easypeasy …but they are ankle breaking

Crypti Crypto says:

Can you explain what holds your guitar in place? How do you support the weight of the guitar while sitting?

andres martinez says:

Excelente tutorial saludos desde Venezuela haz un tutorial de arpegios from hell de yngwie malmsteen

Meltem Gullusac says:

Very informative and helpful. Big thanks 😻

I4DIN - says:

Great video! It would be very nice if you could make a video how to record with the audio interface. I just bought new one and it’s kinda difficult to use its software. Greetings from Germany

muratozcanmusic says:

My favorite ones 🙂 the spider is the killer

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