The Larry Carlton Interview


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Larry Carlton is an American guitarist who built his career as a studio musician in the 1970s and ’80s for acts such as Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell. He has participated in thousands of recording sessions, recorded on hundreds of albums in many genres, for television and movies, and on more than 100 gold records. Larry delivered his self-titled debut for Warner Bros. in 1978, shortly after he was recognized for his ground-breaking guitar playing on Steely Dan’s Royal Scam album. (Carlton contributed the memorable guitar solo on “Kid Charlemagne.”) He released four more albums for Warner Bros., Strikes Twice (1980), Sleepwalk (1981), Eight Times Up (1982), and the Grammy-nominated Friends (1983).

He continued studio session work and touring in between, emerging again in 1986 on MCA Records with an all-acoustic album, Discovery, which contained an instrumental remake of Michael McDonald’s hit, “Minute by Minute.” The single won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1987. Carlton’s live album, Last Nite, released in 1987, got him a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance.

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Joe Henry says:

Larry Carlton is just a beautiful human being. What a phenomenal phenomenal gentleman. So is Rick. The generosity of spirit of these guys. And the music they've given us – it's riches beyond the imagination.

Christopher Kuefler says:

I would agree Rick. Both solo's, are by far the most pleasing to my ear!

david crosby says:

Kind of disappointed they did not discuss the crusaders years

david crosby says:

Larry on the Crusaders free as the wind was my favorite solo then he became a official Crusader.

Steve Kirby says:

I loved Mr Carlton's work with the Crusaders.

Daniel Guimarães says:

Larry is such a sweet and humble guy. Thank a lot Ricky

david stick says:

Larry is the king. Seriously. It isn't that those known for guitar are bad…they are great. But seriously…this dude impacted music more than most anyone

Sean Winkel says:

BTW- You guys look like you could be brothers

Sean Winkel says:

Rick- you are so freaking good at this. You amplify the musicality in music and we are all the richer for it.

fitzspike says:

Great interview Rick!

Jickmady Kulkarnisteakbacon says:

LOL Larry Carlton cabbaged you! 😂 That was such an AWESOME interview!!!

Daniel Laîné says:

Dommage, pas de sous titrage 😩

Geezberry says:

24:44 in quarantine..

nathalie lauffenburger says:

Larry Carlton is a gem, I saw him, first time in 1989 in Paris

Andy Guthrie says:

Larry Carlton at the Potato?? How did you get those seats, Rick?

NoMeWithoutYou says:

Man of great humility. Reminds me of James Taylor.

Mo Landy says:

Rick your show is so amazing, thank you soooooooo for educating and
enlightening so many!

Michael Johns says:

GREAT INTERVIEW !!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀

George Cee says:

Excellent interview! Larry is a legend

jim Nardo says:

This interview must be one of the tops for you; absolutely loved all the history and quality of interaction. Truly inspiring
for this old guy.

William says:

Larry Legend.

worlandow says:

Love his stuff , favorite solos from the dan stuff as well as The light is from Christopher Cross,off subject – Rick , check out Danish Pete . I think you'll appreciate.. .Pete Honore.

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