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Shashank Pant Music says:

Hey there great vedios you play so well and explain so well please make vedio on Mateus asato technique he play very melodious phrases. ….cheers

Nicola Monaco says:

Great man! Every video you've made are wonderful! Thanks a lot

richat1 says:

You are the best player on youtube. Iv seen a few! I dont know anyone else who can play mayer/hendrix and then a bit of tommy e on the side.Do you do session work /play pro?

Antonio Santorini says:

How do you practice 60 hours a day ?

Franco Sarnicola says:

you are strong in everything, when there is translation it is better👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Louis DUTOYA says:

What is the song at 10:00 please ?

Cory says:

How do you not have a million + subs?? Love your videos and breakdowns.

BenoitXVIII says:

Tap your feet but silently 😉

David Patrick says:

I had learn some tunes a while back of TE and didn't keep at it.. wish I did.. need to relearn but … when I did it a lot, .. wow, people loved it and … I was getting better .. thanks for the encouraging .. I was thinking metronome when you mentioned el feeto tapping.. will try.

David Patrick says:

Nice, … I can't play that well …

N W says:

Thanks for those life changing tips…hold your pick straight, use a thumbpick and alternate the bass, tap your foot. I'm almost as good as Tommy, thanks for those tips.

Thomas Marengi says:

My problem is that I have hoof and mouth disease, and it hurts only when I laugh and stomp my feet.

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