Tere Hawale Guitar Lesson | Arijit Singh | Intro, Easy Chords Song | Lal Singh Chaddha | Subhro Paul

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Tere Hawale Arijit Singh Guitar Lesson | Intro, Easy Chords Song | Lal Singh Chaddha | Subhro Paul

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Timings :-

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Chords
2:53 – Strumming Pattern
4:05 – Chords of this song
5:05 – na hoke bhi kareeb tu
6:23 – jo bhi hai sab mera tere hawale
8:10 – dekha zamana sara bharam hai
9:30 – zara kabhi meri nazar se khud ko dekh bhi
9:50 – khud pe haq mera tere hawale
11:05 – Outro
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