Summer NAMM 2019: Ciari Guitars Ascender Demo

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Medical engineering genius meets luthier Joe Glaser’s guitar-building prowess in possibly the most advanced—and easy to use—travel guitar ever.

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Kicking Saturday says:

Love this ps I love this oh ps I love this channel ps a Big Warning on Sphere Recording Consoles
They are stealing from the recording company’s movie studio and churches
Sphere stolen 50k from Miami 150k in
Canada 500k California I am one of the person that lost a ton of cash with Sphere
Duncan Rowe is the Thief

Ash Richards says:

29,99 wow almost 30 dollars thats a steal. First I thought it was 2999 dollars almost 3000 dollars…can by a gibson les paul for that money.

lexzbuddy says:

I hate Jazz

awsmesauce says:

Seems dumb. I imagine it's not cheap

Cary Chilton says:

extra 250 for different paint …………..

Virgyl Tracey says:

er.. … yes … thank you… I wasn't quite sure, thought steinberg was the surname and steinberger was the gtr… I wish I had one…

Bullfrogz100 says:

Very clever

Christophe Leloir says:

The wood transfert vibration… it's not a good idea, it's the worst idea ever. Useless guitar.

dean langloss says:

i owned a guitar with a removable neck and it used a wing nuts to assemble it it also had an oval hole to allow easy hand access, it never sounded resonate i believe due to the entire structure being muted by the design. just sayin…

Sweet toof says:

Pricey. Cool design though.

BC Ash says:

Order now and you will receive a limited edition folding guitar pick

Trader Monk says:

I would like to see a BASS offering.

David Smith says:

I rolled my eyes when I saw a guitar with an ashtray built into it for guitarists who couldn't go without for very long; then, in the late 1970s the Gittler guitar had no headstock, or body, or a neck! And it sounded OK. It was not that good for a gig, though, and you have to be careful with it. This is very interesting, but I can't see it becoming widespread. Nice try.

Frank B says:

Yeah yeah yeah that took billions of dollars in engineering, but I invented a volume knob that goes to 15 !!!!! Heheheee …

Jay Sands says:

Wow… will you be coming out with a grand piano that folds and a back pack bag to put it in

Joseph Summers says:

Wow, and all I was looking for was a volume knob that went up to 12.

Eduardo Alfonso Diestra Garayar says:

what about the truss rod..

DAVE says:

very impressive

Panos Savvaidis says:

Wow, thsi is amazing. My only concern is the length of the strings, as it looks like they have to go a long way to be attached to this guitar. do we know if standard length strings are sufficient for this one or a special order is needed?

northy Land says:

needs a folding amp. and built in retractable cable like my vacuum

Thomas De Lello says:

I'm not buying it… sorry.

daniel barbieri says:

Waiting for the inflatable guitar 😁

I H says:

Dude the joints reminds me of hip replacements. I did graphics for a surgeon years ago for hip replacements in the late 90s.

Jack Sibrizzi says:

Does anyone know what the TSA will do when they see this? I can see them considering the strings an "issue". Love what they did here. Time for a hip replacement… 😉

Obi Wan Kenobi says:

How about to use that folding neck to replace the classic Fender tremolo arm? Dive bombs will be glam as hell! Lol!🤘😁🎸

Ukulele Bobby says:

Jeeeez that’s a LOT of engineering!… ‘that really necessary? 🤪🤔

Li Tonywilliam says:

how its weight???

tanhelmet says:

Take my money !!!

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