Steve Vai Interview at Winter NAMM 2019

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NEW at #NAMM2019: Mitch Gallagher heads to the Synergy booth at Winter NAMM 2019 for a special interview with guitar icon Steve Vai.

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John J. Sanchez says:

That funk stuff is what Steve's solo was like for three plus minutes at his first show with Alcatrazz in 1984

John J. Sanchez says:

The clean channel on that sounds like a DI on a mixing board not at all like a clean guitar amp

JV Strats says:

hey Steve, why don't you support Salvation Audio who originally came up with this…?

leJona cozma says:

Thxsomuch 💜💁🏾‍♀️🎸🎶🙏

Петр Петров says:

мой любимый гитарист, долгих и счастливых лет ему!!!!

Michel JAY says:

I'm impressed and will check this system out… I never liked Steve's Carvin signature amp and when I saw him live in Paris some two years ago found his tone colourless (and supercherged with effects but that's another story). But this is a different beast, it sounds awesome (both on clean and OD settings) and it certainly affects Vai's playing in a very positive way. Great stuff !

Alan L says:

Those synergy preamps are so cool! Like the Randall MTS series! Best thing to ever happen to a guitar amp!

Aris Alamanos says:

Mitch Gallagher is the best music gear interviewer ever.

floydwebtube says:

Interviewer dude needs to learn how to work a single interview directional microphone. Total fail on his part by making unheard comments and questions while he's still pointing the directional microphone at Steve. And this guy is representing a tech music company? Oh well. Awesome interview and tech commentary as always, by Steve Vai.

Bob S. Stevenson says:

respect him as an artist and a musician, find his tones and playing to be as interesting as radio static though

Don Adams says:

This video was very interesting because even with all the sounds he has now at his feet to play with i bet he stays with that loop he kept talking about for the Legacy sound. He might experiment some with the other sounds like his first album he played around but he is definitely going to keep the Legacy over all of them. I don't understand why he would make a sound like the Legacy to get away from it with all of those modules there had to be a way to keep his signature sound. The truth alot of peole banked on him using the Orange MK III but too many other players using it now he has a shorter list to contend with and he will make the Legacy its own trademark now that he can show he can use it on anything made to get the Legacy sound.. We don't build a dream to leave it behind in the end ..

spawnkiller97 says:

Vai and friedman both found the cure for aging in the mid 90s i swear.

Maximus Augustus says:

Steve Vai could plug his guitar into Donald Trump's ass as it were an amplifier and still would make it sound good.

Raffi Tchakmakjian says:

close your eyes and picture DeNiro talking.

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