Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)

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You never stopped asking about this song ever since I started my channel, so here it is. Enjoy the first part of the lesson on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, explaining that legendary harmonic intro in full!

Tab/notation file (fully matching the lesson):

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Guitar used:
Mayson MS7/S, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on

0:00 Introduction
1:55 Technique
4:46 Chord Sequence
8:28 Intro
9:42 Bars 1 – 4 (Amaj7)
14:54 Bars 5 – 8 (Am7b5)
16:32 Bars 9 – 12 (E13sus4)
23:27 Bars 13 – 16 (E13b9)
28:32 Bars 17 – 20 (E7b9b5)
31:53 Bars 21 – 25 (Or “standalone” ending)
35:55 Full Playthrough (Slow)



nitesh dey says:

i loved your lessons..and i have watched your interview with tommy…this piece I am still struggling to produce fast clean cascading harmonics…

weakBeats says:

This is such a well put-together lesson, great audio and video, and clear explanations. The slow play-through at the end is key. I've been learning Tommy's tunes now for several years and I've been planning to give this one a go for a while but was hesitant at the apparent difficulty of it. Your video helped me realize that it's actually not too bad when broken down the way you do, and it's finally given me the motivation to learn it! Thank you, I've subscribed!

Yuşa Taha Engin says:

This one is a real masterpiece and you nailed it soo nicely… Beside all of that your teaching is marvelous, we are so glad to have you. ❤

DC808 says:

Thank you so much…. great lesson. You make it look easy… Love your style.. it'll take so much practice to get it

성연 says:

such a great video! Thanks Tim I've always wondered how Tommy plays this song.
I've learned a lot with your lesson, THanks again for this video!

Self Made Director says:

Man it's a shame you only have 12k subscribers when you are litterally the only one on youtube capable of breaking down some of his songs, hope you know how much we appreciate it…

THEDAM85 says:

Been waiting for this

cherly says:

The 1 dislike is from the poor lad who figured they couldn't play the guitar after watching this amazing tutorial

David Bmz says:

Thank you soo much bro for this lesson

Simon Htoo says:

Hi please
It's never too late

Howzernn says:

Whoa. Awesome, and perfect timing! Subscribed.

Karysma Bakool says:


Karysma Bakool says:

i find you on youtube sir, i make subscribe to your chanel because i love your leasson guitar Tomy Emanuel. i hope hawe time to make guitar leasson for BORSLINO! whis you all the best for you sir!

Karysma Bakool says:

PLS make leasson for BORSALINO!

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