Slow Dancing In A Burning Room – Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Dawes


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This is Tommy Emmanuel and Mike Dawes performing John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”. This was the last performance they did for my interview with Tommy.
You can watch the full interview with Tommy here:


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Robert Ward says:

And they did after Tommy’s interview with Him using a borrowed guitar he didn’t much care for.

Uli Feucht says:

Amazing beautyful!!!👍👍👍

Victor says:

2:17 touched my soul

TonyKeith76 says:

I met Tommy in a couple of concerts at "The guitar Festival" in Soave (Verona) Italy…
He was really really happy to shake hands with unknown people…

A lovely man

Marcin Janasz says:

Piękne :))))))

willem Klewais says:

this must be difficult… so skilled but staying beautiful, art!

Astronomer says:

shaggy is a LEGEND

Alan Hunt says:


Lord Vader says:

Never thought I’d see the day Shaggy nailing a JOHN MAYER song

matt cayford says:

@1:53 "you be a bitch"

Checo Leal says:

I love you!!!

Jo Path says:

What guitars are they playing?

Barbara K says:

I cannot stop listening to this! Absolutely beautiful!

2ois em 1 says:

Sensacional !

Bruno bagrowski says:

Thank U 🙏🌈

Maicon j Cardoso says:

Qual a captação?

ajay sharma says:

Ohhhh awesome …….

Kevin Crouch says:

Tommy demonstrating once again that he is not just a brilliant soloist but a brilliant accompanist

Glayson Brendown Santos Silva says:


Amor Deus says:

what do Tommy Emmanuel and Phil Collins have in common? They both don't know that fridgin song! (Led Zeppelin pun intended).

Fjol Van Forbach says:

I love this version like all the arrangements of these two giants. Looking so much forward to hear Tommy Emmanuel in Hamburg in November.

Garry Roberts says:

I’ve been playing guitar for decades but this … only in my dreams … wow !

Ahsan Ahmed says:

Watching from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 we have famous rock bands like Warfaze, Artcell. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

Hedgehog 1776 says:

Not sure what the older gentleman contributed- more of a distraction than anything

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