Since We Met l Tommy Emmanuel

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This video was filmed in March 2020 just before the pandemic shutdown. It was filmed in the back of Tommy Emmanuel’s tour bus. This song appears on Tommy’s albums ‘Only’ and the ‘Imagine’ EP. Listen to the ‘Imagine EP’ here:

[Official Web Site]


ครอบครัว ดอลลาร์ says:

ขอให้อาจารย์อยู่กับเราไปนาน ๆ นะครับ

redpanda says:

So beautiful. I don't know how many times I've heard it.😊 Since We Met 1:00

Roland Szadai says:

Damn Tommy forgot the thumbpick! 😮 😛 I guess to make it more soft, like a nylon guitar as he mentioned.

Curtis Finney says:

I absolutely adore that song the version that I love the most is slower than the other ones I've heard. The one on Pandora is stunning it's at a slower tempo and it has such emotion I can't stop listening to it a masterpiece.

sandra evans says:

since i met you via you tube about two years ago i have been a fan of your wonderful music, can you do a lyric book for your songs

Kevin MacPherson says:

Since we met the suns been shining,haven't felt a drop of rain.Since we met I feel like I've been,walking on the clouds again

Bethany Wilson says:

What a beautiful gift he is. No other like him, ever.

Arinto Prakoso says:

Very genuine Tommy !

上杉守 says:

My hero forever.

Mv Guitar says:

I love that bass hammer on at the end 🥵

Bentley Music Academy says:

Angel of Music

electriglider says:

Only discovered you today. Been watching your videos for hours. Recovering from surgery so thank you. Purchased 3 albums and will be going to your show as soon as I am able. Bless you for giving so much joy to all of us.

Candy Man says:


Rock n Roll Singh says:


Ken Chang says:

Does anybody know where I can get the tabs for this version?

Richard Carew says:

yer either on the bus.. or not… thanks for making the ride so very pleasant 😊

Marek Chołodniuk says:

Nice background sound of leather shirt ))))) amazing person, amazing music, perfect egzample of someone who loves music and this music sounds as born from love.

shashilight says:

This song always touches my heart … So beautiful and satisfying.

Andrew Francis says:

Tommy is my favorite human.

PlayMoreGuitar says:

The first TE song I ever learnt to play. Still the greatest guitar player in the universe.

Emmanuel says:

what a legend…

芝麻糖糖 says:

Omggg…I don't know what kind of word can explain how much I…admire this song, I mean, it just touches me in some way. I have to say that it's awesome. (I know barely anything about music, I just really like it) 😍❤️(best wishes to Tommy~✨✨☄️)

ephraim vaiphei says:

its soooooo beautiful

Eieioh50 Cond says:

Back of the Bus. ? GREAT

J Luv says:

Joe robinson

Andy Guitars says:

marvellous! 🌞🔥🎸

Andrew Kim says:

I need to see him in person at least once! I’m in the Washington DC area

Márton Lakatos says:

Anybody knows the right hand technique at 1:41 ?? camera shows but i can't figure it out. thanks

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