Rhythm Guitar Lesson – How to Play Tin Man by America – "NEXT LEVEL" Guitar strumming tutorial

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This detailed guitar lesson for beginners and tutorial for intermediate and advanced guitar players teaches the rhythm guitar strumming techniques and guitar chord forms used in the song Tin Man by America. We will deep dive into techniques such as fret muting, guitar palm muting, guitar strumming in string zones, and important right hand rhythm guitar techniques. If you are a beginning guitar player and want to learn to play guitar, these techniques will be helpful. If you are an intermediate or advanced guitar player these techniques may be new to you and you will find helpful guitar tips in this guitar tutorial. Unlike some other beginner and intermediate guitar lessons on youtube, I try not to dumb things down too much for my viewers and simplify my lessons too much. I believe that is a disservice to you if you are trying to become a better guitar player. I want to be able to teach you the proper techniques to play songs on guitar accurately, like the original recordings.

You can find my “NEXT LEVEL” guitar lessons here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZpWyB7F7lwmyIf_eLeNHsM1zm9qZosOZ&si=M407crsZNr-_Fb8d

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junglepalm7 says:

Thank You!!! There’s a big difference between just learning a song and capturing the feel of a song! You are a great guitarist!

Donna Peace 🎶 says:

Thank you brilliantly played 🙏🏽 used to play this in Amaj 7 some years ago 🎸🎵😁

Scott Stubbs says:

Another Great Lesson. I wish that I could take some in person lessons with you.

bodine57 says:

Thank you! I've got some work to do….

Messi Careca Idoso says:

Increible my friend , can you do it the acustic version of black from pearl jam?

Sorri for my broken english 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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