Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aquatic Mouth Dance (Guitar lesson with TAB)

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A guitar lesson with on screen tabs for Aquatic Mouth Dance by Red Hot Chili Peppers
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0:00 Verse
0:51 Chorus
1:19 Chorus variation
1:47 Ending
3:05 People who support the channel


Raoul Duke says:

Johnny Fru, the guitar Guru, knows how to keep the guitar lines simple and serve the song, when you have a monstrous baseline like Flea is playing, and a meandering vocal line that doesn't have a lot of pauses. John learned a long time ago to stop playing for the other guitar players out there, and just start playing what the song tells you to play.

Rchrisman10 says:

This man is a blessing to the guitar world

Mauricio Mendoza Ferrano says:

This what I've been waiting for. Thank you.

The taxman says:

Nice video goob job!!

German Stuven says:

One i love lesson

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