Questions (Tommy Emmanuel) – Tutorial (Part 1)

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One of Tommy’s more mellow songs is up for dissection today. There a quite a few chord voicings that use the thumb over the side of the neck in this song, but it is perfectly possible to replace each and every one of them without altering anything else. Part 1 will take you through the intro and the verse.

Tab/notation file:

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Guitar used:
Martin J-40, tuned down one step (intro only)
Mayson MS7/S, Standard tuning
Recording: a pair of Neumann 184’s through an Apogee Quartet
More info on

0:00 Introduction
1:32 Pointers (on tuning!)
2:26 Intro (Original fingerings)
7:06 Intro (Replacing the thumb)
9:10 Intro (Artificial harmonic run)
13:36 Intro (Adding the last chords)
15:26 Intro (Putting it all together)
16:17 Verse (First 4 bars)
21:18 Verse (Let ring + slide + hammer-on chord)
23:44 Verse (Next 5 bars)
29:12 Verse (Putting it all together)



J Uiceryy says:

22:45 it is indeed a very unique technique but i think i understand why he did it. it's not conventional by any means but i've played it with a double hammer-on (ring finger + pinky) up until this point. it's not wrong but it's really hard to get to get the intonation right at low frets. which i guess means that i get them wrong most of the time. maybe even more so because i am playing on an electric guitar, but using the 'slide grip' fixes all of that for some reason. it does feel very non-traditional but at the same time it feels like i am learning to speak through my guitar in a completely different way. kind of how words can mean completely different things in different contexts. thanks again man.

J Uiceryy says:

this is wonderful! great step by step guide, wonderful tones, clean playstyle and you manage to go over all the subtleties in the actual chords that tommy uses. so many tabs out there are close and technically 'correct' but either the chord is missing some richness or it's in the wrong position. thanks so much for this. also, love your voice!

Thales Chadiarakos says:

Thank you Tim! I hope one day to see you perform one of your favorite Tommy’s music arrangement together!

Simone Boschin says:

Best Tommy Tutorials ever …. plus .. .your tone of voice really relax me 😀

GMSI7D says:

thanks a lot for the lesson

Tom Studt says:

Amazing tutorial ! Where is part two ?

Madest 22 says:

Gracias por el video, igual no me salió pero gracias

Gary Chan says:

Hi Tim, thank you for your great teaching. I’m trying to search for part 2, but seems like it’s not there yet? Could you point me to where I can find the second part please? Thank you!

Arman Bhatt says:

Hey tim sir im learning from your videos for quite long time till now and ive learnt many difficult songs from you and you'll allways be the best teacher , ive waited so much for your TE tutorials to come back and when it came my guitar strings got broken by getting rusted and im 12 yrs old and my family is in a bad situation due to pandemic and it hurts to me to see the notification of your video but cant watch them and learn , please help me with guitar strings tim sir 😔

Ryan Maytom says:

Amazing as per usual man really appreciate all the effort and detail you put into these videos! If I could put in a request for Tommy and Igor Presnyakov
's rendition of Clapton's "Tears in heaven" Thanks heaps again!

Vaughn Maurt says:

Such a great presentation, you’re working really hard to get these out…thank you!

Malin perera says:

Thank you so much..i have been waiting for this tutorial..👍👍🙏🏾🙏🏾

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