Practicing Guitar Scales And Arpeggios By Improvisation

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Here’s an example of how I try to make practicing my scales and arpeggios fun and interesting – within the context of an improvised composition. I take the patterns that I know and connect them where they seem to lead me in an improvisational direction.

I understand that many people who play instruments have learned to play scales and arpeggios in a rote memory fashion, which is, quite frankly, boring and rather mindless. Consequently they may find it difficult to improvise and create music with them. Perhaps this little improvisation around G Major will inspire someone to get out their instrument and practice creatively. Create yourself a little riff and start connecting the chords with scales or fragments of scales and using arpeggios instead of strummed chords here and there, using your ears to guide you. You’ll reinforce your scale and arpeggio utility phenomenally once you can hear them inside your improvisational imagination. #funwithguitarscales #funwithguitararpeggios #guitarimprovisation #guitarscales #guitararpeggios


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