Playing THE FORBIDDEN RIFF in a Huge Guitar Store

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Music is Win says:

We should all play the forbidden riff at once. They can't stop all of us.

Also, you should check out Guitar Super System if you're looking to learn guitar–although I'm probably biased:

Dale Iddison says:

noob question.. why is it FORBIDDEN

Robert Spicer says:

The forbidden riff has to be the intro to Sweet child of mine God I hate that song!!!!!

Jerk says:

Makes me laugh every time.

NightshadeGaming says:

Honestly? this is clearly staged to try and pickup a dead meme.. uhg..

louis asuncion says:

Why is he not allowed to play that song?

NuncNuncNuncNunc says:

Did they let you play the lick?

Loren Darcy says:

3:45 on is actually magnificent. Ecco the Dolphin level goodness.

zippy0099 says:

Pretty sure they were all staged…

Dana Everhart says:

The forbidden riff> hear it here!!!!>

MacPro8CoreMan says:

I've seen a lot of shops forbid Ever Sandman too!

danny2phantom says:

Why not? It’s a beautiful song

Walter Schwenk says:

not funny at all. STH is a nice tune.

Joe Peckham says:

is it me or does the intro to the pretender by the foo fighters sound very similar? I thought it was at first

Matthew Brulla says:

That Fender compressor sounded great.

Masterfully stages. Kudos to everyone going along with it.

Pro Builder says:

Try "The Ocean" next time. 🙂

Sean says:

I don't know shit about guitars, but I can only play smoke on the water and stairway to heaven…well 4 seconds of each. Bit if I walk into a store and drop 3 grand on a bitchin amp and guitar and I get told to leave because of this forbidden riff I would walk out laughing and go buy a set of drums.

Wit chyy says:

I dont get it why is it so bad?

Klaus Kesselring says:

Don't give up!

Tway Garr says:

This is the funny I needed today. ty.

t says:

i like the part when the EHX guy turns on a pedal that automatically does volume swells but he continues to act like he's manipulating a guitar volume knob that never moves and is dimed the whole time. VERY cool

manolhs kasimaths says:

What you play in k24ce

Crimson Hawk says:

Lol. I reacted the same way in highschool when I first heard a noob play stairway xD

HansKuhlmann says:

Is that a joke or is "Stairway" forbidden, too? It's funny that all the guys interrupt when the well known notes can be heard.

BTW, you're a cool metal guitarist who doesn't look like one.

Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

Yeah that true,sneak in with 3 of your friends and,OMG,that it,u all start playing it,one stops the other stops keep going around like a Leslie,making call the power company,test out some wireless too…

Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino says:

May be if u try it this way ….there s a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold and she s buying a stairway to hea…ven hah hah

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