Play This Simple Riff For 3 Minutes (Shocking Results!)

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Play This Simple Riff For 3 Minutes

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This simple riff, learned in 3 minutes, then played for 3 minutes a day, will make you a better guitarist? You betta believe it!

This simple riff exercise goes beyond just something to practice with, it sounds super cool too!

I break this simple riff down, piece-by-piece, and show you how to play it across the open low E string at first. Then later on show you how to play it to a metronome and across all the other strings on your guitar.

Personally, I like to keep my practice sessions interesting and musical, rather than just something to get my fingers going. I also like my ears to be happy with what I’m practicing. That’s why I prefer to teach exercises that don’t appear to be mechanical and are enjoyable for you to play and anyone who happens to listen.

The results you can expect from playing this 3 minute riff are: better pull-offs, faster moving between frets, cleaner alternate picking, and overall tighter synchronization between your fretting and picking hands. Pretty awesome for a simple riff exercise to play for 3 minutes!

Also remember that this simple riff exercise can be played on multiple strings! That’s the beauty of an open string riff, you can play it on any string you want.

Personally I like to cycle between playing the 3 minute riff on the low E and A strings, sometimes jumping up to the high E string for some added excitement.

Using the metronome is key here, because while this is a simple riff it is important to play it with the proper timing to make it flow as you repeat it over and over again for 3 minutes.

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When running through this simple riff exercise, remember my #1 rule is to have fun with it! Take what you’ve learned today and put it to work, but have fun while you’re doing it. Maybe even teach it to someone else and pay it forward 🙂

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Austin Bewley says:

what do you have your amp set to i can't seem to get that exact sound?

Venturo says:

I played that riff for 2 hours. It helped me learn how to change frets faster and it gave me big pain in my finger.

Kim Terry says:

I'm definitely going to learn this.

Coozbay T says:

Your practice riff reminds me of Keith Relf from the band Arrmegeddon 1975, playing the song “Buzzard”
Great alternate right hand picking practice..
Have not found a tutorial for “Buzzard”
Anyone else relate?

1RED_ next view says:

That sounds like an old AC/DC riff.

Kim Terry says:

That is badass!!

Auditor of This Age says:

Haven’t had a drink all day…

Jeff Alt says:

I played a very close version of that riff in the late 80's. I took a hit of acid and played the riff for 10 1/2 hours I did not alter it was an experiment. After that day I was writing music no one else could play because my speed broke the speed of sound.⁹

Richard Riley says:

I just love this exercise Mr Haddad.
As a member of GMM
Its great to drop in on these quick utube lessons when I take breaks from work or waiting in the car. KUDOS. Thanx .

Dave Dunn says:


Norman Buchanan says:

thanks Eddie I'm an older guitar enthusiast who just got my first guitar and know absolutely nothing so I'm really struggling I think this will help me.

les stoner says:

eddie man I llove that!!!

KatameDo says:

Sounds a bit like “giving the dog a bone” AC/DC. Great exercise

V L K V says:

heck yea! This one is so much fun

Chicken Little says:

Just picked up guitar 3 months ago and this is a great way to learn pull offs! Thank you!

FordHammie says:

PRS guitars have bird dumplings not dots 😂

john Carter says:

Thanks Eddie, your videos are all awesome, I’m a beginner and 58 yrs old and loving every minute I can pick up my guitar, do you have any thing slow on practicing the pentatonic scale?

Paramet Ratsetthakul says:


Bravo-Too-Much says:

Sounds a lot like Dark and Grey by Kid Rock.


A fantastic lesson. Now I know how it's done .Thanks again.👍

Paolo Gallares says:


Tony Rosales says:

So glad I ran into this video. Thanks.

John William says:

For teacher learning thanks

HaShomer ShelTorah says:

"I'm runnin' down a dream"…….

Patrick Darby-Sheehan says:

Great riff…thank you. Looking forward to more exciting tips…

José E. Rodríguez Agrelot says:

Where can I find stuff for beginners?

Ritesh Shahi says:

Congrats for 300k subs !

Big Barking Dog says:

Learn this riff.

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