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What if I told you that by understanding two chord shapes you could play nearly any jazz standard? That’s exactly what shell voicings are for! We can use these three note chords to highlight the most important part of the harmony in the chord and say a lot while playing a little. This is also a great way to understand what makes chords different. If you’re looking to dive into playing jazz ukulele learning these chord shapes is a great place to start.

A lesson with simple chords to Big Butter and Egg Man:

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0:00 introduction
0:09 What are Shell Voicings?
2:25 C String Chords
6:34 G String Chords
8:20 Using Shell Voicings in a Song


Dasha Herman says:

You are breaking down and explaining so well! Thank you so much🙏🏼

I Think I'm Gonna Uke says:

Thanks for this very well explained, deep dive lesson into 7th, minor 7th and 6th

Francesco Manfredi says:

Great lesson! Could you please make a follow up with the other inversion of these shells, so that voice leading can be smoother. By the way the example songs at the end of your lessons are always very spot on and useful! Thanks 😊

Robert Bussard says:

This is so helpful – thank you!

JP Relvas says:

Great dive into this topic, Christopher! Once you understand how chords are built and where the notes live on the fretboard it really opens up endless possibilities. Since I mostly play chord melody or campanella style arrangements I always think about how to best voice the melody first. The real fun starts when you need to problem solve and figure out ways to sneak in the harmony as the melody hums along without breaking up the flow of things. Keep up the great content!

Steven Adcock says:

Pretty cool stuff!

raymond mo says:

Many thks for the great lesson.

Jens Bomholt says:

That was magic!

MariUS ukulele says:

omit that ever-so-useless 5th 🤣 – boom!
great concept, great teaching

One-Hand Strum Man says:

Thanks for a great lesson Christopher

Steven O. says:

Thank you, friend!


Very helpful. Thanks!

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