Papa George (Live in the Studio) l Tommy Emmanuel

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This video is from Tommy Emmanuel’s live stream concert on August 29, 2020. It was recorded at Tunesmith Studio outside of Nashville, TN. “Papa George” appears on Tommy’s albums ‘Little By Little’ and ‘Center Stage’.

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28drafting says:

Hard to beat that!!! Well done Tommy!

28drafting says:

Simply, Thank you!!!

FromTheMosh says:

I hear everytime we touch by Cascadia. She maybe stole it haha.

Nicklas Nylander says:

one of your best in my humble.

sour_apple says:


Bj Barlett says:

Just beautiful, Tommy…

srfgrn says:

A bit of James Taylor in there — wonder if Harrison and Taylor sat down together (with guitars) when Taylor was in exile in England?

Bryce Saylor says:

Every song he does is incredible. Another singable melody.

Cher says:

He played this for Dhani who said he could definitely “hear his father’s ways”

Yoz says:

Absolutely stunning performance and score, I hope to get it down some day with even a fraction of the tonality you deliver.

Midnight Austin says:

i'm sure it's papa john

赵昂 says:

Tommy is so cute!!!

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