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There are a lot of resources available online to help you learn guitar. But are they all good? No. In this video I rank the ones that I’ve used using the already outdated format of a tier list! TRENDS MOVE FAST AND I MOVE SLOW 🙂

Some of the resources I’ve used include yousician, rocksmith, justinguitar, martymusic, fender play, andyguitar, jamplay, and more!

I’ve already made videos about a lot of them:

my favourite thing about ROCKSMITH:



is FENDER PLAY Worth It?:


Guitareo says:

Thanks for the shout-out!


arul says:

guitarzero2hero is S too

imagine says:

i mean marty did taught me how to play polly and wonderwall, back then i was struggling to play those songs by tabs.

BigGoose says:

I guess I picked well when I started watching Justin's videos recently

Janine M says:

AndyGuitar should definitely be S Tier! I love Justin, but he uses too much time trying to upsell and he's not as clear and concise as Andy in my opinion. I take Andy's beginner course on his website for free, and while I'm obviously missing some good content because I don't pay to upgrade, there is still so much useful, great information and teaching. It's very methodical and each skill builds upon the last very smoothly and coherently. I choose to supplement this with a local guitar teacher in person one or two times per month, and between the two I feel I have the best of both worlds.

William Reaves says:

Not much help!

Aqua Chicken says:

Where would you rank simply guitar?

INGSOC says:

Where is truefire???

Toz van Nierop says:


initiate22000 says:

What does the "S" stand for? I assume it's the best since it's on top.

Malik Edmond says:

Im sorry i dont see the hype with justin guitar i tried it and i cant get into it and why doesnt he have much scale lessons in his modules?

The Betbet Underground says:

two words: CARL BROWN


bro i feel like this guy by the way he talkes i feels hes on the bridge of suicide

Jackson Redd says:

Music Is Win’s Guitar Super System S tier easy

BruhFish says:

You dare put martymusic in A tier and not S tier.


Would it make sense to learn basic stuff on yousician and more advanced by like going to a music academy or something?

yomi says:

justin guitar is definitely s+ tier, he puts effort into his lessons and the way he orders and formats it makes it a smoother and easier experience from what i've done so far 10/10 it's actually helpful + actually free

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