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Mick Thomson’s signatures in the shop:
Mick Thomson of Slipknot talks his all new Jackson Signature Guitars of 2018 with us! Check out the differences between the USA and the Import model, the idea and mindset behind it and what it feels like to work with jackson.

We use Triad-Orbit stands for our videos exclusively:

Intro lick kindly provided by Martin Miller – check out his channel here:

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:04 Introduction

0:20 New signature models

0:40 Import model
0:43 Woods
1:34 Pickups
1:57 New bridge – a Floyd that’s not a Floyd!

3:56 USA model
4:00 Neck construction
6:37 Pickups

8:12 How does it feel to work with Jackson?

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Fr33zee Skill says:

Bro He looks like a giant next to him wtf

Vincent Plays says:

@olaenglund he said CHUGGG ik it had been said before yasss

Aniket Maurya says:

Me: Is that Floyd
Mick: Well yes, but no
BTW I would never wish to interview Mick, he is so intimidating I would be in constant fear of asking a stupid question and getting punched in the face..

NimrodGod says:

I swear Mick has a 164 iq

Chris Levis says:

He's a scary lookin kid in a candy shop

Bryan Champa says:

Señor Siete! … Este pata da miedo su Máscara! Pero es un Monstruo tocando la Guitarra!

Jeff the killer says:

Big guy big heart but still he looks like he can rip you in two

Seth says:

Mick in this video – "just another Saturday cracking open a couple cold ones with the boys"

Evan Knowles says:

IOWA! have to represent🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽

Salty Ramen says:

Mick = a Huge creature who can smash ur soul with his lil pinky finger but he's a cool guy at the same time

Daniel Ford says:

Mick is one of the gentlest of giants

Reggie Tjahjadi says:

I swear to God if he retires probably he will make it in WWE

Mark Five says:

Take the mask off, man. We all know what you look like.

Colin W says:

8:58 Mick could do some badass vocals, narrating or a character voice. From nice to instant not so nice lol. Guitar is great. Love my USA

Electric Summer says:

I love how he looks all dark and brooding and then he sounds like a really nice down to earth guy


Mick is my favorite guitarist ever… But he just has this heir about him that at any point he can smash your face off the table.

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