My Guitar Chord Manipulation Secrets


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👉 Here’s How You NAIL Barre Chords: All secrets revealed! 🙂 Learn how to turn one chord into another so you can easily morph one chord into another – and much more! Understanding how chords are constructed is KEY to become a more advanced guitar player, and I’ve made it super easy for you – enjoy! #justinguitar #guitarforbeginners #barrechords

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👉 Video Chapters
00:00 What’s note function
01:13 How Do Guitar Chords Work
02:51 What is The Difference Between Major And Minor Chords
04:42 Chord Manipulation Secrets – Practical Exercises
05:29 Why Do G and C Have No Minor in Open Position?

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Daniel Smith says:

Great lesson as usual Justin. Following you for years. You are the best guitar teacher on the internet. It’s one thing to say the minor has a flat third but so clear the way you showed it on the fretboard today. Thank you as always.

Paul R says:

I think the reason for not having a Cmin and Gmin open chords is that the third for them are E and B respective, which are the open strings. You can't lower an open string so no way to form a minor chord.

Andrew says:

A ha! A barre chord is an F chord shape with a power chord shape on top for the bass. And an F chord is just a C chord with an extra root note.

XionAzura1 says:

I bought the lifetime access and never looked back. Thank you for keeping the site as free as possible for those that might not have the money.

Lawn Order says:

Next it will be water into wine! 🍷

Mick Redfern says:

Hi Justin,
What guitar are you useing?

freesk8 says:

Thanks! 🙂

Aditya S says:

Are you the Yousician guy?

Yummy Klown says:

I thought Norm MacDonald was doing guitar tutorials for a minute.

Basil Fawlty says:

Sus 2. – 1,2,5.
Sus 4. – 1,4,5.
Maj 7. – 1,3,5,7.
Dom 7. – 1,3,5,b7.
etc. etc.

Joseph Robbie says:

This helps thank you I was taught don’t make a major a minor. Now I see why

Drew Dietz says:

Wonderful lesson, thanks. Loves me some triads

Soundscapemind says:

When creating a c minor in an open position, It's impossible to use the high and low E strings. This is because the 3rd (which is E flat) is not found in the open position. The nearest is at the 11th fret, which is an impossible stretch. Of course you could tune them down, but that creates more problems than it would solve. A similar problem happens when you try to add the B flat to make the G minor.

shubham shakya says:

Hi all, At what point in a beginner journey should one start learning guitar solos ?

I'm EPIC says:

Do you remember me?

Arong Longkumer says:

New subscriber here

Arong Longkumer says:

Useful content

Alen Zlikovski says:

I gave up from guitar. After 2,5 month i learn to play clean Dust in the wind , than two days later not clean again , than after half hour of warm up clean again , than one day later nor clean again and that goes round and around for 1 month , than i switch to Ibanez V50NJP with much nerow guitar neck than my last one , and sudenly i have problem with A major chord in that song couse on my last guitar i land with my thumb around the neck on that chord but on this ibanez i land with my thumb bh neck and i know that dosent make sense but just on that song that a major chord killing my brain couse now i have to land with thumb bh neck couse when i land with thumb around the neck that nerow neck stops me from using a a major chord but only in that song on that fast switch before ( i close my ayes ) I learned travis picking , a,b, c, d ,b ,g , sus chords , cad9 ,f bars , major , minor chords , Petathonic scale pattern 1 and 2 , some major scales and all that and more i learnd realy good , and i dont have cash to go in guitar store and chose guitar with neck that suits me . And after practicing 4+ hours a day i just brake couse that a major chord that usualy i can switch fast with my ayes closed from any part of the neck. Sry for my english. omg i wrote a book

Type2ryder says:

Thank you Justin you realy do make it easy to understand. Keep it up were counting on you.

Russell Newton says:

Justin, when I was at school, many many years ago, I’d be looking out of the window because I wasn’t interested, but I’m really interested in music theory, but to be honest it goes over my head, I feel like someone who’s dyslexic but in a musical way, drives me nuts.

Sarcast says:

please change the title

Ron Harvey says:

So, i think I saw Rick Beato say something like "don't double up on the third" – which happens in many open G and C fingerings. He didn't give a reason, but i figure it's so you can move one finger/note from major to get minor/sus2/sus4? Or is there another reason?

draun pareek says:

In 8 mins. you showed me the way Justin 🙂

Mritunjay Kalyan says:

In India we can teacher as guru. You are my guru. Love from India ♥️ .

dave mac says:

Just logged in to buy the coarse but where I am in the grades I dont Know? Kinda alright at some stuff but not at others???

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