Matt Scharff Gets a Lesson From Legendary Coach David Leadbetter

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Overnight Traveller says:

I like Matts swing the most and i've tried to copy it for my own game.

Jake Bardenhagen says:

Hey, I've seen this one! It's a classic

Nicholas Frank says:

You the man Matt. Take this too the course. I suggest rewatching this video a few times, I kinda feel like Steve forgot quite literally every word of his lesson the moment he left top golf that day Could be wrong but it’s a lot of information in 10 minutes.

Just News says:

I feel like this is a duplicate post.

Oliverson 12 says:

This guy appears to give every single soul the same lesson/advice for years … hands in, club out.. look at Rahm, he does just fine turning his hands early

Keith Arutoff says:

Anyone else completely distracted by (i am assuming) Borgmeier in the background the first 5ish minutes of the video?

jacob farnsworth says:

This guy is actually hard to watch give a lesson

Bruh person 08 says:

This Video was already Posted

Connor Hagan says:

Love these videos with David , I’ve been taking all tips on board and shot my best score ever last week , even par through 9 ! Hope the lessons on good good extra keep up

Wayne Enright says:

Oh another lesson video recorded about 2 months ago now. Shit I think they have all had birthdays since the first of these dropped.
Bored of this milking now. Unsubbed

poktangju says:

Scharff is so athletic he can groove any swing…

Nathan Tiles The World says:

Bobby and Jarrett

magic mark says:

I hurt my back pretty bad last year. Was a result of early extension+trying to get in good impact positions(trail side bend). The two don't mix. Learning to squat in my downswing cured me.

Erik Swanson says:

Lead is the man! Not complicated

Gregory Benoit says:

This is a repost. Why?

Russ Hansen says:

Matt should be a pitch man for products. But wait, there’s more!

I think outro took Mr. Ledbetter by surprise.

Brian Remite says:

Didnt' you post this already? I am sure I saw this.

bob smith says:

For those complaining that it's the same lesson taught over and over. It's likely that you don't understand how important the take away is and how important it is to not swing against a closed, non-rotated body at impact. Gaurantee the bulk of commentors get almost no hip or upper body rotation in the swing and likely drag the club dead insinde on the take away.

MrGrantly says:

I love these! It's like getting a lesson for free, so many good things to think about that I would have just not realized.

Joseph Forsyth says:

these have been my favorite videos, between all the boys he has identified all my bad tendencies.

Michael Shea says:

Remember they had to repost the Akshay video too

Matthew Law says:

Watched this like 2 weeks ago.

Dallas1234 says:

Did this get a reedit? or did it not have enough views? I saw it yesterday

3rd Day says:

Amazing coach.

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