Love Him or Hate Him, You Can't Deny This Ted Nugent Riff

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The epic intro performance of Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold.


Easton Von Schist says:

Uncle Ted still rockin!

Ted goldfinch goldfinch says:

Good thing I love him then

GuyWhoLovesMusic says:

I actually like Ted Nugent quite a bit, he may have some opinions I disagree with, but he seems like a great musician who’s having the time of his life

Bob Mcghee says:

Gotta love uncle Ted,been jamming to his music for47 years

Javi Espinoza says:

I'm not sure what a riff is but this kicked in my cocaine. Saludos

Donald Mitchell says:

I saw nugent get blown off the stage by the Blackfoot guitarist

Ghost guy 303 says:

Thwack'em and stack'em

Vigilant Voice says:

Stranglehold would be a cool walkout fight song for a MMA fighter!

Vigilant Voice says:

Love him, true patriot through and through!

J Loud says:

Fucking Nugent!!!!

Jeff R says:

I love him. True Patriot

a1scoot says:

Nugent! Seen him in Oakland at Day on the green….Epic 👊

Carey Bash says:

How could we hate THE TEDSTER

David Embrey says:

Q, How many no. one hits does Ted have?

Raccoon Little bear says:

Ted's the G.O.A.T.🎶🎸🎶💪🇺🇸👍

Donna Martinez says:

Music ain't got no soul if the man doesn't have one😩🤤

Al Greaves says:

Mick Brown is somehow pushing this beat in an uncomfortable motion for me… Any drummers feel what I'm talking about?

jeff hucle says:

That riff is so full of flames and fangs

shiboof says:

wasted of air.

mikerafone music says:

he was the first big concert I went to with scorpions in '79

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