"Lewis & Clark" – Behind the Song with Tommy Emmanuel

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In this lesson, Tommy Emmanuel gives us a peek behind the curtain of his song, “Lewis & Clark”. For the full masterclass and more Tommy Emmanuel guitar lessons, check out the full TrueFire course: https://bit.ly/3rVcJZ6

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Michiel Waterman says:

I've seen you twice in the Netherlands, you're first time ever in Deventer on a guitar festival and in the opera. I was amazed by your attitude – happiness and a healthy lifestyle. You inspired me to pick up my acoustic guitar again. That was nearly 20 years ago and inspired me to become a busker from 2009, writing one song after the other. This is the first time I get an insight into your motives. Beautiful Tommy! Music and spirituality are connect sound and vision and are our gateway to eternity. Thanx for the lesson great soul. You moved me.

Eric Gruber says:

High school all over for me. Fantastic song and player. Thanks for posting this.

mer red says:

You cannot force creative inspiration. That is very true. It's a strange thing, at times it comes to you and in a few minutes it is written. You can learn many songs writing techniques,
but the result will never be this good.

mrssriplo1 says:

Always love hearing this story.

Plum Hunter says:

tell the story … And play the melody … Nothing more, nothing less. Must see Tommy next time he comes to my area. Mr inspiration!

Michael Jones says:

Story, Technique, and Awesome!

NickyBuff says:

L & C is pretty, Tommy.

Benjamin Caleb cgp says:

The greatest Tommy, the man who show us the real way

Massimo Sposaro says:

Great tune!

Raghuveer G says:

This is going to be Awesome

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