Lessons with Tommy Emmanuel – "It's Never Too Late"

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Got to spend a few minutes with Tommy before lunch. I just adore the fact that he’s so down to earth and personal. I wasn’t expecting much given that it was time for lunch. I just wanted to show that I had worked a part out that I had been struggling with during the last camp but he turned the tables on me. All in such a humble and personal way. Thanks again Tommy!


Amogh says:

He's a legend.

DC808 says:

7:45 LOL… your guitar really did sound so unreal

UCS0608 says:

7:44 This I so recognize. I owe an 1973 Martin D 35. It's sounds wonderful and it's my favorite from the five acoustics I have. Yet, always when somebody else plays it and I'm in the listener's position like you are here I find it sounds better than when I play it. it has to do with projection, I guess So, apart from Tommy of course being a amazing player (and teacher, this clip again shows it!) your guitar also sounds good when you play it! It sounds good anyway! Nice guitar, nice clip!

SuperUltraMegaMike says:

wtf is he wearing?

Scott Norman says:

i could use some help with smoke on the water…… tommy…. are you there……..?

Bill Yarbrough says:

Great moment. It all about the details and passion you have when playing any instrument (including voice). Thanks for sharing

George Apostolakis says:

Well…Nice tab!

telboy1966manu says:

Lovely playing, she's clearly very talented and has practiced a lot, and to play for Tommy must have been a real treat!!

Lennart Wijers says:

I love this man. He is not only an amazing guitar player, but also gentle, kind and funny. I've seen a couple of his shows and the way he interacts with the audience makes you feel he is genuinely happy to be on the stage and is happy that the audience is there. I have a huge soft spot for Tommy. Must be a great experience to learn from the man himself!

Knotwilg says:

There's a lot to learn here. Tommy could have pointed out all kinds of flaws, in terms of technique or rhythm. Instead he told you what he does and what the music is like. He's very inspirational in his teaching, not interventional. And the mere fact of giving you 3 minutes of listening time is beyond motivational.

YouDoYouPlayer says:

He’s a legend, but the jeans are a problem.

Matt Brown says:

Shes very talented keep it up!

Empirism says:

That is so cool, I can feel the excitement. He is hands down most accurate player on earth. True living legend.

Steve poo says:

tommy, is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e. e. says:

Das hab ich auch gerade denken müssen obwohl es laut ist hört er sie und findet sogar immer noch was ihm gefällt und ihn zum schmunzel bringt obwohl er einer der besten und ein Vorbild ist. Solche Menschen brauch sie welt!! Danke sehr.

Edwin-E says:

great guitarist

Matt B. says:

Thanks for sharing this ! Wahou !

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