Learn To Play The Guitar | Guitar 101: Getting Started for Beginners

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They say that how you start is not nearly as important as how you finish. But, getting started on the right foot can certainly help. This is especially true when learning an instrument. Success is dramatically improved with the right instrument, needed accessories and a plan that sets you up for success. If you have wanted to learn how to play the guitar but wasn’t sure what you needed or how to get started then this video is for you. From purchasing the instrument, choosing the right accessories and whether or not to take lessons we have the answers to the questions you have been asking.

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Taurek Taurek says:

Great video, thx! In my opinion you forgot to recommend a metronome.. Being able to keep time makes the difference between noodeling and playing music;-)

Thomas Omalley says:

I am curious why do you not like the Martian 16 series ?

Tigerex966 says:

Great info, thanks.
Fat fingers on skinny nut width, bar chords, calluses stop a lot of beginners cold.

Billy Akin says:

Mr. McKee! Was that a Bassist Slur!? You should be ashamed of yourself…😉🤣

Lindsay Davison says:

I've been interested in learning to play guitar while in quarantine, this video was super helpful, thank you so much – cheers from Canada

oregon floor says:

this vid more to be an advertizing than to teach someone guitar.. Lol

Tom T says:

I bought an ibanez ac340 because of a recommendation in one of your vids

Spence Hayashi says:

really great video and great tips on getting into learning to play guitar. one thing I might suggest is to recommend a setup as part of the process.

HonestFisherman says:

Was kind of hoping this was the start of a lessons series.

LevinLg17 says:

Chris, you are great guitar player. I always enjoy watching you guitar demos. The quitars may sound similar but your playing stands out. Would love to learn some of the songs you play

thongam Chan says:

Hi its me quite far from you here in Maldives. Next month I am planning to buy a good all solid guitar for my lifetime use. I have two options as I am thinking about it from two choices, One is Martin HD35 and Eastman DT30D which is a double top and cheaper price wise to Martin HD35. Please advise me giving your input here after your assessment as you might be testing both of these two acoustics at the same time. Looking for your feedback to select either of the two.

Amir Khalid says:

Guitar-care supplies: guitar cleaner and polish; lighter fluid is a good all-purpose cleaner. 8000-grit sandpaper/paste metal polish for keeping your frets shiny. A cloth to wipe down guitar and strings after playing. Lemon oil or similar to keep your rosewood fretboard from drying out.

Tools: spanners and screwdrivers, useful for tightening things that can work loose like tuners. A set of metric and/or imperial hex keys. Nut files.

Mayuresh Kulkarni says:

Here we go, why each guitar channel must have a beginner Guitar guide? There already are 100s&1000s, do something different!

masterofce says:

I was hoping this was the beginning of a series of lessons,,,,,a little disappointed 🙁

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