Learn both lead and a percussive fingerstyle rhythm in this week's guitar lesson – EP484

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In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn to play both a blues lead and a percussive fingerstyle rhythm. The MP3 jam tracks allow you to fill in either part, a great way to practice!

If you’d like to view the rhythm video, download the MP3 jam tracks, and the tablature (for both parts), you can do so by going to: https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/learn-both-lead-and-a-percussive-fingerstyle-rhythm-ep484/


Arran Houston says:

wow! One of the best guitar lessons I have seen! Thank you so much! so insightful and creative

Oscar Duc says:

please do a lesson on your instagram track outside, one minute, the video with the Martin 2/17 guitar, please!

Richard Crilley says:

Is anyone unhappy with the new YouTube format?

Jo Walsh says:

The best teacher on you tube !!!!

hottamanful says:

God bless..
Thank you for the honest continuous effort ..

David Hunt says:

Love this, both parts are right up my alley! Although saying that I find all the different lessons really helpful and I've learnt so much from genres I wouldn't normally explore, and there's always something to add to my own playing.

Juxi Blues says:

Great lesson, Brian! I love those lessons in which you learn the rhythm part as well as the lead part. Gives us a complete sing to perform. Top!

Jeff Jackson says:

I see it over and over, just like it happened to me: someone happens along and sees your video, Brian, and they're hooked. They learn so much from it, they're amazed at how much they've learned, so they subscribe. Like me, I'm sure it won't be long before they're a "premium" subscriber!
Even if it wasn't so affordable, I would do it, bc my playing has gone so far in so little time!
Keep it up, dude! I love it!

Sergey Bogdanovich says:


lcraigsimmons says:

Can you please do some slow blues in your lessons. I have hated the songs you have done over the last couple of months since the SRV lesson. I cancelled my subscription to your lessons after being a member for several years. I think you need to get back on track with what you have been doing since the beginning. I keep hoping each Friday you would have a lesson I'm interested in but it has been a long dry spell.

Drew Dietz says:

total sweetness!! thanks

Peter Tiffany says:

Is that a mini-humbucker in the bridge position of that tele or a full size humbucker?

Desert Fox says:

Very nice, thanks.

jbh200 says:

New subscriber here, Just wanted to let you know that you’ve connected so many dots for me over the last couple of weeks. You’re killin it man! Keep up the good work!!! Eternally grateful!

Guitar JoLa says:

Awesomeness! Love the bluesy rhythm part! Looks like a fun lesson to tackle 😃🎸💕

Mark Coward says:

Amazing as always. I always find myself excited on a Friday evening to see the next lesson 😊

martyn spooner says:

An excellent lesson so many little gems of knowledge.

Michel Gracia says:

So nice! I like that!

Ceixy Ceiz says:

Thanks for this lesson !

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