Larry Carlton’s MONEY Notes

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This guitar lesson is about the great Larry Carlton and his take on using triads when improvising. This is based upon what he calls ‘chord over chord’ and is sometimes referred to as the Super Arpeggio 🦸🏻‍♂️. This chord stacking approach leads to what Larry calls his ‘money notes’, those head-turning upper extensions💰.

We’ll be combining triads, using Triad Pairs and viewing chords from multiple angles, and this is great particularly if you feel like you’re ‘stuck’ inside the scale shapes. Using triads in this way can really transform your playing and give you a fresh perspective when soloing.

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0:00 Intro
2:01 Part 1: The Super Arpeggio
5:19 Lydian Triad Pairs
7:04 Playing Over Dominant Chords
8:26 The Dominant Super Arpeggio
9:55 Major 7 Arpeggios and Major Pentatonic over Dominant Chords

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Guitar: Gibson ES-335 ’63 VOS with Bareknuckle Mule pickups (Bridge pos)
Amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb
Loadbox: Two Notes Torpedo Live (loaded with Fender Twin IR)
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This video is part of a set of guitar lessons designed for improving intermediate and semi-pro guitarists. On this channel there are in-depth lessons in the style of John Scofield, Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Nile Rodgers, Pat Metheny and more, including fundamental theory concepts and various tricks to help you play and improvise better, smarter and more fluidly!


@aminahmed2220 says:

What a fantastic video have a wonderful weekend ❤😊

@9ineToe says:

Tasty, tasty licks, Steve! I'm getting hungry just listening to you, haha.

@tbluesboye says:

Way cool Steve! Your explanation was much clearer than even Larry's on his instructional video. Well done!

@FriendofBert says:

This is,by far, the best breakdown of Larry's approach and the whole "stacking triads" approach. The examples are excellent. I'd love to hear more of you playing – anything out there?

@Bluesmandesign61 says:

Brilliant information, and demonstration, bought the backing track already. Is the TAB downloadable as well ?

@henrikm4657 says:

Fantastic breakdown of the ideas, and great playing. I’m intrigued by the tone. It sounds very “Dumble-ish”. Are you playing through a real amp or something like a Fractal?

@Web4Panama says:

A top lesson once again Steve, thank you. I will be going over this in detail.

@elrafa782 says:

You lost me the first minute ! Maybe I should try in the morning with strong coffee… Thanks anyway 🙏

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