Larry Carlton is awesome! Kid Charlemagne Outro Solo

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Kid Charlemagne Outro Solo! Some of Larry Carlton’s finest playing


Stephen Blodgett says:

Larry Carlton is awesome, that's right, AWESOME!!

Steve Mangan says:

Lots of people play the mid song solo (because it is great), but I've not really seen many people tackle the amazing outro. Well played. I hope you get as much joy out of playing these classics as I do.

Andrew Sandoz says:

Just one more Larry Carlton copycat, unbelievable?

Rick Johnson says:

beautifully done with ease and musicality

John Bailey says:

Brilliant I play this everyuay

Kenneth Peller says:

He's an original steely Dan member

NearlyStevieDan says:

Finally… the outro 🤟

Fish Hooker says:

Thank you. This is my favorite song of SD. I've been waiting for the outro.

J b says:

So sick duder


The people want more!!!!!!!

Hilary Clark says:

Love it! 😃

stefano reale says:

Well done dude

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