Kiesel Guitars Booth Walk Thru w/ Jeff Kiesel! | NAMM 2019

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Jeff Kiesel shows off new guitars and what you will be seeing at the Kiesel Guitar booth this NAMM 2019!


Runnin Amuck says:

I wonder how stupid heavy frost and ice are lol…….sick AF tho…

Shawn Tyson says:

Kiesals killing shit,wish I could afford one!!!bad ass shit


Intestinal fortitude without the usual $ markups. Fender is just starting to try to catch up.

shaft9000 says:

Into The StonerVerse @ 3:33
…or was it stoner-burst? Who cares…pass the doob brah

Hound says:

Woooo that re colour of Amos's signature looks so amazing.

Martin Lepper says:

I would love to have Kiesel bring back the hard copy catalog. There are so many options…they need to be listed and shown. I have 2 Carvins & used the catalog heavily to come up with what I wanted. I realize everyone is online….but the catalog is just there to keep reminding you to check these awesome guitars….just sitting around for casual browsing….Just my 2 cents.

Guitar Hiker444 says:

Nice to see some lefties!! Kiesel has come a long way, well deserved!! Your guitars are amazing!! Rock on!!

Boom Hey You says:

Love my Dc127

Cole says:

if ice and frost are acrylic, they weigh a million pounds each.
but arctic got me moist.

Seth Hallstead says:

So sick dude wish i could get in soon enough to get that walnut ebony neck

Lawrence Milam says:

Did anybody hear what Jeff said about the pickguard on the Delos? I'm wondering if i cud get it w/out it? Also wondered what neck is n comparison 2tha Caramelized Maple or a better feel? Got me curious 2buy😎

Scott Fusco says:

Represent the FG1, my second one is being built right now…

Stephanie Danielle W says:

"Solid buckeye body" makes me wonder exactly how much of the body is made of resin, considering buckeye burl is incredibly brittle and soft and needs a ton of epoxy to stabilize it even as just a top.

Paul Secondino says:

This video gave me serious gas for a new guitar .Nice stuff Jeff

Clorox Jello Shots says:

These guitars are beautiful and I've heard only one or two complaints ever about the quality. That said, Jeff seems like such an ass. He always has to say, "Other companies do this, but we are smarter." Paul Reed Smith, for all his prickly nature, isn't even this bad. Maybe it's just me.

Stephen Docherty says:

These kiesel guitars are shit, overrated, overpriced just like PRS guitars. Sorry Jeff but you are cock bag and I think you should take all that firewood back to your kiesel factory, cover the place in diesel and burn the place to the ground with you in it.

7stringmesa says:

jeff is a douch

chris salazar says:

those Hiland models are dope. damn i want one.

Tristan says:

Portrait mode facepalm

Joe Damore says:

Awesome guitars as always. I'm sure you're highly successful. Spend that filthy lucre and buy a decent camera with a good mic! Lol, tired of these flip phone vids!

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